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Third Half Studios: Uniqueness is in store!

Check out Third Half Studios for some amazing gifts that no one will ever have seen before, unless they con like we con! What are these gifts I speak of? Glad you asked because I'd love to explain. How about Doctor Who themed plates from their Whoville line? Or plates with cute animal scenes that are slightly demented with pattern names called "Zombie Park" and "Crypto Zoo". Even a St. Arwars (Star Wars) Line that we are sure you can appreciate. Check them out below:

With a pattern named "Glitter Fixes Everything", now you even have a gift for me, Rupaul and any other person you know who is a drag queen at heart. 
You can't afford to miss out out on the amazing gifts for yourselves or others that only have to offer. Follow them on Facebook & Twitter @ThirdHalfStudio  Shout out to DragonCon since that is where we met up with Third Half Studios.

Bring Vosges With You To Catching Fire


The Geek Forge: DIY Geeky Fun For All

It took the power of Google glasses to bring us together with The Geek Forge at Dragon Con. Thanks to those glasses we now see the awesomeness that is The Geek Forge (and how awesome those glass are too but that's another story). Imagine DIY Geeky Fun and that exactly what they pledge to bring. Even better, they truly allow you to follow along by providing easy to follow instructions. 

What kind of projects are we talking about? How about an amazing seven layer Captain America cake?

 Or making a superhero purse

There is even a Weeping Angel you can make.

No lie there is even a cosplay section, featuring everything you will need to know to master their featured characters such as Deathstroke, Huntress, Captain America and others.
While your not crafting, The Geek Forge highlights geeky events in the south. Oh and if between us, your just super busy or not into crafting yourself, hey that's cool because you can pick up some pretty fresh items at The Geek Forge'sEtsy site too. …

Geneviene Joyner Designs Covers You Head To Well... Head!

Next we feature the amazingly talented Geneviene Joyner of Geneviene Joyner Designs. We met at Dragon Con where her booth stood as a testament of her artistry. She creates accessories that are TRULY one of a kind, just like you! Her pieces are beautiful and will make you stop in your tracks if you are ever lucky enough to spot one in person. Immediately your eye knows her pieces are the result of Geneviene's passion and detail oriented hard work. Can't you just imagine these pieces walking down a wedding aisle? Or they could even be the crowning piece to your amazing cosplay. Whatever the occasion, Geneviene Joyner Designs can get people talking about you!

For more designs check out or check out her Etsy site. You can even follow her on Pinterest. Oh, fabulous update! Who loves a sale? We do, and if you do too we got you covered. Check out this fabulous Hobbit set of candles that is now on sale. If your interested, message her on Facebook with your email. 

Find a New Hero Series: Drew Blank and Hero Squares

Dragon Con 2013 rocked our socks off! So much so, that we know we will be at 2014. Let's not get too ahead of ourselves though, because we have so much to post about still. So many great artists, so many great pictures, without further delay here is our first featured artist Drew Blank and Hero Squares:When you see the Hero Squares booth, you will be lucky to walk away with $$$ left in your pocket. Ingeniously funny and drawn in a sharp way that your bound to love, Hero Squares has something for everything your interested in. Drew Blank is the man behind the madness. At Dragon Con he featured prints, build your own cereal boxes, greeting cards, a t-shirt and coloring books. All of his items are reasonably priced and will leave you wanting more! Take a peek below.

You should catch up with Drew Blank in person at NYCC and don't elbow me out because I need a few more prints myself. Not making NYCC, that stinks but don't fret! Check out Hero Squares at and Drew …

The Last Of Our Dragon Con Parade Pictures

Here they are, as promised the rest of the Dragon Con parade photos. We were blown away by all of the amazing costumes. Especially considering it was uber hot and the parade is not a short walk. Some people are even rockin heels and others no shoes at all. All for the art of cosplay and your viewing pleasure. Sending a big thank you to every one who participated for making it a very memorable event. Don't miss the Box Heroes which are tots amazing, the chiseled 300 men and Ernie Hudson too.