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SDCC Registration Adventure

The many emotions of the SDCC Registration Adventure What it feels like when it is time to click the submit button on a four day with preview night ticket for SDCC

 What I look like on hotel reservation day 

Now I have to wait for a hotel email notification.....

I scored downtown!!!!


Oh My Glob I got hotel circle 

SDCC Memes: Show Us Your LOL Face

We are wishing everyone a 4 Day with preview night, especially our readers. 

Special Guest Interview with Rob Dimension

Monster-Mania is coming to Cherry Hill, NJ on March 8th-10th. Hopefully you can make it, because this year will feature special guest, Rob Dimension. If you don't know him, you should, especially if you love the horror genre and/or wrestling. From podcasts and making movies to shielding his sanity from Steve Corino's endless torture, we are pretty sure this leaves him little downtime. Thankfully he made room for us! Q. How did you get involved with Monster-Mania ? A. I used to be a vendor at the convention; actually started on the second one. I loved the convention, the atmosphere and I met Dave, the promoter along the way. He actually came to a wrestling show that I was managing Corino and he contacted me the next day. He asked me to host a few Q&A’s with some of the stars and it just snowballed from there. Dave has given me huge opportunities as a Horror fan; being able to host the Q&A with John Carpenter was one of the highlights in my life. Since then, we’ve actually…

Shave Milliseconds To Boost Chances At SDCC 2013 Badges

We are not an IT department by any means. We do try to problem solve though, and that means we find other tech savvy people to help. Our goal here at Consweetcon is to help you get badges to San Diego Comic Con 2013. What does this mean for you? We've compiled some tips we think may help you, even if it's just a few milliseconds to edge out other members. Now here is what we need from you: comments if you know why any of our suggestions will not help or additional tips! If we work together, "insert corny inspirational quote here". First and Foremost: Sign up for a Member ID by February 12th. Tell it to me straight you say, well this is just an access id that will allow you to purchase badges if you are lucky enough to get any in your cart. Also it is free, so if you cannot purchase the badges, you do not lose anything besides a portion of your sanity. What is all this member id and badges nonsense? I am with you. The first year I wanted to attend and I thought, shoot I…

Warm Bodies

I have a new favorite genre – Zombie Rom-Com! This is from someone who hasn’t been an active participant in the growing zombie cult. While the parallels against our modern world are intellectually stimulating, I don’t usually find the plots engaging. Enter Warm Bodies.

What a creative twist on several well-proven themes! Teen love – it’s awkward and messy and full of self-doubt. Duality of the human spirit – no one is fully light or dark. 
Warm Bodies engages the audience in a truly laugh out loud, funny and hopeful storyline, pitting the power of human connections against isolation and societal differences. Spattered with moments of hilarity, soft tenderness and enough action to keep my husband from leaving in protest – this movie was, “unexpectedly enjoyable,” for this old married couple. It’s the perfect date night movie in this month of love for any couple that can handle a little brain banquet.

SDCC 2012 Highlights: IMAX Remix

IMAX not only features the best movies in eye popping large format, they actually throw a fresh party too. At 2012 SDCC, IMAX featured an offsite event named IMAX Remix. Those who RSVP’d were not disappointed. We were pleased that transportation to the event was being provided. Then to our surprise, it wasn’t just transportation, it was a double decker bus. Obviously sitting up top and indulging in Red Bulls that were provided was a must!

Upon arrival to the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center, our excitement was still building. A blue carpet with IMAX backdrop was set up out front and featured a photographer to take guests pictures.  Inside plenty of hot food and beverages awaited our arrival at several stations around the lobby area. We indulged in a photo with props as we awaited the main event.
Finally we were ushered into the theater where we witnessed Glenn Morrison spin live to a sequence of IMAX footage tailored together into an intriguingly beautiful journey. Afterwards, Skyfall e…

The Superior Spiderman Issues 1 and 2 Review

Dan Slott, you've done it again! Peter Parker is dead. Doc Ock is Spiderman. The whole thing is crazy town banana pants and it's ok with me. I've always been a fan of Spiderman but I like the villians more. Doctor Otto Octavis, sir you are are on the top of my list. So it's obvious why I am a fan already.

To set the scene Doc Ock is on his death bed and his dying wish is to see Peter Parker. Then BAM Otto's and Peter's minds switch. Peter dies trapped inside of Otto's body, and Otto begins his new existence. Not as The Amazing Spiderman, no Doc Ock vows to be The Superior Spiderman. Oh and it get better, he also inherited all of Peter's memories too. 

Doc Ock is loving life now since he has a sweet job at Horizon Labs and Mary Jane is pretty hot arm candy. Hell, he even he has JJ Jameson's approval. Then while The Superior Spiderman is schooling a bad guy, a glimmer of Peter Parker's conscious comes and wills Otto to do the right thing. 

Hang on tr…

It's FINALLY almost HERE, SDCC Tickets!

Red Alert! Call your friends because San Diego Comic Con tickets will soon be on sale and your going to need help to score a 4-Day with Preview Night. Mark your calendars because Saturday February 16 at 9:00 AM Pacific Time tickets will undoubtedly sell out (unless the server crashes). To ensure you have a shot, head on over to the official site to review all the pre-purchase information.

The Walking Dead Escape

If you missed The Walking Dead Escape last year, don’t this year. The Walking Dead Escape is once again taking over PetCo Park for their own brand of terror. Be sure to sign up for their wait list emails here in order to be the first to score tickets to participate as either a walker or survivor. This year there may be opportunities to volunteer again and score an amazing t-shirt that was not available for purchase last year.
Are you up in the air about it? Here is my opinion. Go, and go at night. Personally I’d rather be a survivor, but fitness is my thing. Last year we went, only after we hesitated to commit because of the price and an already packed SDCC schedule. We gave into temptation and ended up doing a mid-day run since it was the only time available. The Walking Dead Escape still brought it though. I won’t ruin it with too many details, just in case it hasn’t been switched up too much.
I can testify that it was crazy physical. The breaks they promise are few and far between. T…