Special Guest Interview with Rob Dimension

Monster-Mania is coming to Cherry Hill, NJ on March 8th-10th. Hopefully you can make it, because this year will feature special guest, Rob Dimension. If you don't know him, you should, especially if you love the horror genre and/or wrestling. From podcasts and making movies to shielding his sanity from Steve Corino's endless torture, we are pretty sure this leaves him little downtime. Thankfully he made room for us!
Q. How did you get involved with Monster-Mania ?
A. I used to be a vendor at the convention; actually started on the second one. I loved the convention, the atmosphere and I met Dave, the promoter along the way. He actually came to a wrestling show that I was managing Corino and he contacted me the next day. He asked me to host a few Q&A’s with some of the stars and it just snowballed from there. Dave has given me huge opportunities as a Horror fan; being able to host the Q&A with John Carpenter was one of the highlights in my life. Since then, we’ve actually started our own podcast www.MonsterManiaRadio.net and I’ve gotten to know Dave. He genuinely cares for the fans of his show and tries to make everyone happy… it’s a rarity these days.

"The positive reviews are great but in life, you need to do it for yourself sometimes."

Q. What can fans expect when they meet you at Monster-Mania?
A.  Haha…what can they expect?? Geez, I don’t know. Probably from me to shill my movies and merchandise… but seriously, I love meeting people at the con. Outside of the convention I think I’m pretty low key but at the convention, it’s like one big family. I encourage people, come on up and let’s talk. No Clowning Around will be screening there on Saturday (no specific time as of yet) and I will be dressed as Mumbles the Clown from No Clowning Around all day Sat too.
Q. What are some of your influences?
A. Honestly, I have a lot of influences and they seem to change as I get older. For filmmaking, it really boils down to John Carpenter. Ever since seeing Halloween as a child, I fell in love with the genre. It wasn’t until later in life did I decide to make movies of my own. I’ve become a fan of building suspense with the use of music; with using lighting to your advantage and to help set the tone of the film. When I see Dario Argento films, it’s more of an entire package… that’s what influences me.
Q. How does your creative process work?
A. I think it’s a group project really. Let’s say I have an idea; then I will work on the script. I usually will have people in mind to work on it with and it just steam rolls from there. Sometimes an idea will come from watching something else or maybe from a bad experience. I carry around a note book (even if it’s on my phone) and I’m constantly jotting down ideas. Sooner or later something clicks and we are off to the races. I’ve worked on a feature for No Clowning Around on paper, if it ever comes to fruition is a different story, but I have a story arc (like a comic series) and I know what direction the story wants to go. I have a beginning and an ending, then bits and pieces that will happen along the way. I just go where my mind takes me…sounds weird, but it’s true.
Q. How did you get started in making short films?
A. Well, I had acted in a few and even did a short lived TV series titled “Late Night at the Horror Hotel”. It was a horror hosting show and we originally started with just a few skits in between the movie, then the skits became more and more. We started with three for an hour and a half film, and then we cut the films to an hour and added like seven or eight skits. If anything, it helped with improve but more importantly, with writing small, short skits. I think that helped the most.
Q. What were some of your personal highlights from making No Clowning Around?
A. Just telling the story and letting out the bottled up emotions I had. I wrote the movie based on my depression and the movie is full of metaphors for me. When I watch it now, I think those metaphors are gone and I feel I beat depression for right now. It was a project that I wanted to do for me. The positive reviews are great but in life, you need to do for yourself sometimes.
 Q. You have a love hate relationship with the king of old school Steve Corino. What's it like working with him?
A. Steve and I have been friends for like 13 years. We haven’t always gotten along, but the last 5 or 6 years have been great. We’ve become best friends and call each other on our own bullshit. I think people need a friend like that. We both are comedians (in our own minds and maybe on Twitter) plus we both look past Professional Wrestling. It was great to have him involved with No Clowning Around and he pulled it off great. I really couldn’t have asked for him to do better, he nailed the performance. My day usually consists of some sort of insult text at 5am, then an insult tweet about 10 minutes after. I can only say this; if I needed someone to have my back, it would be him. Many only know the Steve they see on TV; he’s completely different behind the scenes. He is a really good guy.
 Q. Let's get random. What's your favorite Tastycake?
A. Probably the Chocolate Junior. I don’t eat a bunch of them, but man, sometimes they hit the spot.
Q. If you cosplayed, who would you be?
A. Probably Michael Myers… I know, not real creative but I have so much Halloween memorabilia in my house, it would be awesome to walk around as Big Mike for a day.
Q. Have you ever been to San Diego Comic Convention?
A. No, but who wouldn’t love to go? I have two other conventions I want to hit still – I would love to go to the Star Wars Celebration just because I’m such a SW fanboy. Plus, I’d love to hit up G-Fest; it’s a convention in Chicago that celebrates Godzilla. It’s a smaller scale con but I’d still love to check it out.
Q. What do we have to look forward to from you?
A. I’m working on a new short film titled “baggage” that will be out in Oct. We are scheduled to start production and filming in April and May. My goal with this one is to make something that is appeasing to see. It has a horrible undertone but I’m trying something different. I had the grit and dirty feel with No Clowning Around, but this time it will be a bigger production. People can always stay attached to what I’m doing by heading to www.RobDimension.com  
Q. Where can we find you?
A. You can always go to www.RobDimension.com plus, buy No Clowning Around at www.NoClowningAround.com – for info on “Baggage”, just keep checking my site. If you’re on Twitter, follow me at @RobDimension
There it is guys, get your tickets for Monster-Mania and check out the special screening of No Clowning Around. Big thanks to Rob Dimension.


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