The Superior Spiderman Issues 1 and 2 Review

Dan Slott, you've done it again! Peter Parker is dead. Doc Ock is Spiderman. The whole thing is crazy town banana pants and it's ok with me. I've always been a fan of Spiderman but I like the villians more. Doctor Otto Octavis, sir you are are on the top of my list. So it's obvious why I am a fan already.

To set the scene Doc Ock is on his death bed and his dying wish is to see Peter Parker. Then BAM Otto's and Peter's minds switch. Peter dies trapped inside of Otto's body, and Otto begins his new existence. Not as The Amazing Spiderman, no Doc Ock vows to be The Superior Spiderman. Oh and it get better, he also inherited all of Peter's memories too. 

Doc Ock is loving life now since he has a sweet job at Horizon Labs and Mary Jane is pretty hot arm candy. Hell, he even he has JJ Jameson's approval. Then while The Superior Spiderman is schooling a bad guy, a glimmer of Peter Parker's conscious comes and wills Otto to do the right thing. 

Hang on true believers, this is going to be a bumpy ride. Go buy both issues today!


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