The Walking Dead Escape

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Get On The Wait List!

If you missed The Walking Dead Escape last year, don’t this year. The Walking Dead Escape is once again taking over PetCo Park for their own brand of terror. Be sure to sign up for their wait list emails here in order to be the first to score tickets to participate as either a walker or survivor. This year there may be opportunities to volunteer again and score an amazing t-shirt that was not available for purchase last year.

Are you up in the air about it? Here is my opinion. Go, and go at night. Personally I’d rather be a survivor, but fitness is my thing. Last year we went, only after we hesitated to commit because of the price and an already packed SDCC schedule. We gave into temptation and ended up doing a mid-day run since it was the only time available. The Walking Dead Escape still brought it though. I won’t ruin it with too many details, just in case it hasn’t been switched up too much.

I can testify that it was crazy physical. The breaks they promise are few and far between. The obstacles are real deal, and I suggest covering up elbows and knees for safety reasons. Scrapes and bruises are free souvenirs or maybe you'll consider them badges of honor. Oh and they had professional photographers all over the course. This is where being a walker would be amazing. The pictures I have seen of walkers were truly jaw dropping. The picture of me running, well let’s just say that was something.

Also a few of us our volunteering for the upcoming event in Philly, so hopefully I can get some more insider information to share. 


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