SDCC 2012 WWE Mattel Panel

          This was the first panel I attended at SDCC of 2012. The energy in the room was electrifying as three superstars were introduced to answer questions from the fans and discuss Mattel action figures. First was Zach Ryder, a fan favorite as he was cutting edge in the way that he ascended in popularity with WWE fans. Zach did this by creating his own YouTube show which created buzz and notoriety as a result. Next was Ireland’s own Sheamus, another popular superstar with WWE fans. I yelled, "hey fellow’ as the crowd calmed, as this is one of Sheamus’s catch phrases. The superstars were very interactive with the crowd, and Sheamus was no different, as he quickly yelled back, "Yeah fellow". Next to come to the front was the most popular and arguably hottest superstar at the time, CM Punk. He is known for his straight edge lifestyle and straight forward mic skills.

          The superstars sat down and the crowd calmed. Zach spoke about feeling he "made it" when he had his first action figure created. The superstars answered many questions from the crowd, from fans. Exclusive action figures were unveiled. While the superstars were mostly out of character, an in-character Alberto Del Rio, a "bad guy" known as a heel in the wrestling business, cut a promo in front of the crowd in character. At the time he was feuding with Sheamus a "good guy or face" and they wanted to settle a recent score and build suspense for their next pay per view encounter. Del Rio, accompanied by his personal ring announcer, ripped up Action comic’s issue 1 (which was obviously a copy of the cover on top of another less valuable comic) in front of the entire crowd. This was a great way to garner heat from this particular crowd. My friend and I were right next to Del Rio, and got a close up picture. My friend yelled, "Cheap heat", as Del Rio had a scowl look come over his face

          After this the panel disbanded and we managed to get a picture with a former wrestler and current backstage employee Jamie Noble. Overall, the experience was amazing, for one the superstars were interactive with the crowd, (unlike their live events) and also showed a human, or out of character quality that typical fans do not get to see. Del Rio ripping the comic was an added bonus. I left the event happy, and thoroughly entertained, thank you WWE and SDCC!

          Please see WWE's own coverage of the event for more details, SDCC 2012: Mattel panel taken over by Del Rio. - posted on behalf of Brian Ty


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