The Zoo Beyond SDCC

(aka - the San Diego Zoo)

My daughter was in awe looking down from our hotel's vantage point on the literal swarm of people streaming through the streets of San Diego headed into preview night. Large South Park and Adventure Time balloons floated in the skyline and people teamed through the streets in ant-like fashion.
There's no argument that SDCC is a zoo unto itself. However whether it's by design or happenstance, if you find yourself with extra time in San Diego they have a world-class zoo that's not to be missed.

San Diego Zoo
2920 Zoo Drive  San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 231-1515

The grounds are gorgeous. It's near Balboa Park and the entire zoo itself feels like a park. The exhibits immerse you in the animals' habitats. The sheer creativity is awe inspiring. While it's a very busy zoo (and the only one I've ever been in with people movers!) there are plenty of places to sit and observe. You'll need those respites and very comfortable shoes!

While hanging around with the orangutans, we had a one of a kind experience. One orangutan was near the glass trying repeatedly and earnestly to throw a stick over the very high glass wall. As a crowd gathered, the orangutan finally succeeded and the crowd cheered. I had captured it all on video. It was going to go viral for sure! ...then it dawned on me. Maybe this orangutan did it all the time... yep! Already on YouTube. Here's my favorite YouTube version from acheng1021 (you can spare 18 seconds, click it, you know you want to):

This summer the San Diego Zoo's Nighttime Zoo has a China Celebration theme. Complete details are available here. I am excited about the interactive social media component this year too! For Instagram-ers simply tag your photos with the #SanDiegoZoo and #NighttimeZoo hashtags and be entered into a weekly and Summer long photo contests. Those of you into Pinterest, create a board named 'Pin for Pandas', add your favorite pictures of pandas, and when you're done add the image from their site.   


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