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Hard Rock For The First Time? Or Maybe You Just Want To Check Out The Scene...

If you are lucky enough to be staying at the Hard Rock this year, I assure you this is the spot to keep the con going long into the night and hopefully score some face time with major celebrities. We stayed here last year, and most of our sightings happened during the day while coming and going via the elevator. So if you are staying here your golden.

However, if your not staying here, all hope is not lost. Especially if you don't have a four day pass and you want to spend some time hanging out at the Hard Rock. We contacted them to get some details regarding areas that are open to the public and hotel guests during SDCC.

Rock Spa, Maryjane’s and Nobu restaurants will be open to the public. 

Maryjane’s is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and does not take reservations. 

Reservations are highly recommended at Nobu and at Rock Spa.

The Nobu menu is expansive, however it features dishes such as:

Nobu Style Sashimi Tacos with Yellowfin Tuna or Salmon (4 pieces)
Rock Shrimp Tempura with …

Find A New Hero Series: Christian Alzmann

This week we introduce you to Christian Alzmann. Christian's bio page reads like an understated resume of amazing awesomeness. Woah... am I coming off too strong here people?(I'm not though, he really has worked as a Concept Artist for Star Wars Episode 2 and Pirates of the Caribbean, along with many other amazing titles.)
If that doesn't get your nerd boxers in a bunch, then check out his artwork which speaks for itself. He creates characters and scenes that are delicately bold and infinitely mesmerizing. Where do you find inspiration for your work? Mostly films, books and other artists. Books like early folk tales and my favorite art is early American illustration like NC Wyeth and Dean Cornwell.
What current work are you most excited about? I really enjoyed contributing to Battlemilk 3. Its a collection of images and stories from 9 artists, all who have worked for Lucasfilm. It's always fun creating your own story and making images to match, plus the other artists in th…

What To Expect When Your Expecting To Be At SDCC: Adorable Mayhem Edition

I left my heart in San Diego... at the Magboo booth (E-04). Oh, if you still have that pitter patter in your chest I assure you after you check out the Adorable Mayhem line, you too will soon fall head over heels. We caught up with artist Tara Magboo who explains how this unique blend of fanciful delightful smile worthy pieces came to be a showstopping line of must have collectibles featured at San Diego Comic Con.
I have been working in the jewelry industry for the past 13 years. I currently work on a variety of freelance projects in the jewelry industry and teach jewelry classes. I do enjoy having the creative freedom of being a business owner. It always pushes me to create new work. I also create other jewelry work and objects that have a very different aesthetic than my “Adorable Mayhem” line. My website has a wide sampling of images of the kind of work I make. 
Where do you find inspiration for your work?
I wanted to create a line of work that was cute and fun, yet had a little b…

*UPDATE- RESCHEDULED* 2013 Boston Comic Con April 20-21

With the tragedy that happened in Boston, our hearts go out to all of the families touched by this horrific act.  For those of us that were planning on heading to Boston for the 2013 Boston Comic Con you may be wondering if this will go down this weekend.  After all, The Hynes Convention Center, where the event was scheduled to be held is only @ 2 blocks from where the second explosion happened.


Postponement Annoucement

Due to the unfortunate events that have transpired here in Boston, a lock down has been put into effect until further notice, causing theHynes Convention Center to suspend all events. As such, TheBoston Comic Con will be rescheduledto a date in the not too distant future.

All people who purchased advanced tickets on line will have their tickets honored at the rescheduled show. If for some reason, you can not come to the show on that date, we will refund your ticket.

Please, we ask for your patience, understanding, and cooperation. We appreciate your loyalty, and c…

Waiting it out with the MTV movie awards and the Avengers

There are 94 days till SDCC 13 preview night. This week ConSweetCon is going to pass our time watching the MTV movie awards.  
If You felt so inclined you could Assemble and watch the Avengers 946 times to pass the time till SDCC begins. Of course we can bring that number down to 945 to account for a break to watch Iron Man 3 on May 3rd.

Check back next week for more helpful ways to pass the days till it is time for all of us remarkable people to come together in San Diego.

What to Expect When Your Expecting To Be At San Diego Comic Con: Steam Crow Edition

Hooowwwllll.... what's that? No, we don't need a rabies shot. We are just really excited to present to you Steam Crow.
What attendees will find at your booth typically?
Steam Crow makes "Good Monster Goods"; basically, Halloween and monster inspired prints, books, and hand-made toys that we make ourselves. All of it has a cartoon, vintage vibe, and most of it is spooky-cute and fun. We also create a lot of old movie posters, propaganda art, and faux vintage advertising.

How many years you've attended, maybe other conventions you attend?
We've exhibited at SDCC for the past 7 years... this year will be our 8th time. We'll be at booths 4112 & 4114, across from Nickelodeon right in the F entrance.

Most every year we also exhibit at Amazing Arizona Comic Con, Emerald City Comicon, LA Times Festival of Books, Tucson Book Festival, Phoenix Comicon, Denver Comic Con, Keen Halloween; we stay pretty busy.
Will you have exclusives at SDCC?

Yes, we're planning on f…

What to Expect When Your Expecting To Be At San Diego Comic Con: tokidoki Edition

To start, let us introduce you to the What to Expect When Your Expecting To Be At San Diego Comic Con series of posts. These are intended to highlight vendors featured at previous San Diego Comic Cons for those whom have never attended. Our first pick is my personal favorite, tokidoki.  tokidoki is a fashion brand by an Italian designer, Simone Legno. tokidoki means "sometimes" in Japanese. Legno, who has always had a deep love of Japan and fascination with world cultures, chose the word because he feels "everyone waits for moments that change one’s destiny, by chance or by meeting a new person".    Not familiar with the brand? Guys, Last I checked chicks dig tokidoki. It's cute. So if your manhood can withstand sporting a slightly less edgy version of your Marvel favorites, this is a great tee to put under that blazer for your night out. The shirt shown here is $24 at their site. Girls, after today you may have a new problem, loving tokidoki. The…

Find A New Hero Series: Alain Viesca

Our next artist featured in the “Find A New Hero” series produces jaw dropping works of art. His booth is a stunning can’t miss feature at San Diego Comic Con. We introduce you to Alain Viesca.Where do you find inspiration for your work?

"Some of my work is commission or contract, I usually have some say in the design and that seems to work best. My own concepts tend to be visuals based on a short story I've put together in my head. It seems like the best pieces are the ones with the most interesting stories behind them."
What is your favorite work you have done?

"My favorite work usually is whatever I'm working on at the time, once I finish a piece I don't typically look back and think about it anymore."
What current work are you most excited about? "Contract wise, I'm currently sculpting a series of military pinup figurines which is pretty cool. On my own, I'm desperately excited to get started on my Green Knight Series."
What is one thing…

Kiling Time With A Jurassic Throwback

Hold on geeks. It's my turn up to bat to help kill some time till con, so I'm bring back dinosaurs in a big way. I've got some grade A dna samples but my centrifuge is on the fritz. So this week, these GIFs will have to hold you over (in place of the live Jurassic Park tribute I had planned to debute in my living room via webcam).

Yes, there are truly 101 days until the first full day of con!

Calm down... it's not that long. Or maybe she's screaming because she just binged her flights?

Really I've felt worse turbulence in my car. Someone is being dramatic... anyway. I know you are all so excited for Jurassic Park 3-D in IMAX (of course). Every wonder how much these guys cost to feed on site? Just look at those chompers.

I'm going to shoot straight with you kids, I don't remember much from this movie except lil' me loved it. So I feel like it's a brand new adventure all over again, and that I have to love. Unless, it turns out like the time I thought…

Walk This Way to SDCC

As it is National Walking Day, it seems as good a day as any to start your Con fitness preparations. Between sprinting to special offers and hiking across the Con to get to the next event, you will thank yourself come SDCC if you prepare now.

Here are some inspirational scenarios for your training program:

You're down by Petco Park, chillin' at your favorite food truck (hey Swieners!). A tweet rolls in announcing free t-shirts for first 100 to find the secret agent at 1st and J. SPRINT!You're finally leaving Hall H after dutifully sleeping outside last night, despite having a nicely appointed, expensive hotel room. You simply must have a limited edition, comic-con exclusive, [INSERT OBJECT OF DESIRE HERE] that is becoming available soon on the floor. Go forth at a good clip, consistent pacing will serve you best now.You were lucky enough to score a 4-day with preview pass... it's day 3... your feet are swollen and sore... you've spent hours in lines on concrete floor…