Hard Rock For The First Time? Or Maybe You Just Want To Check Out The Scene...

If you are lucky enough to be staying at the Hard Rock this year, I assure you this is the spot to keep the con going long into the night and hopefully score some face time with major celebrities. We stayed here last year, and most of our sightings happened during the day while coming and going via the elevator. So if you are staying here your golden.

However, if your not staying here, all hope is not lost. Especially if you don't have a four day pass and you want to spend some time hanging out at the Hard Rock. We contacted them to get some details regarding areas that are open to the public and hotel guests during SDCC.

Rock Spa, Maryjane’s and Nobu restaurants will be open to the public. 

Maryjane’s is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and does not take reservations. 

Reservations are highly recommended at Nobu and at Rock Spa.

The Nobu menu is expansive, however it features dishes such as:

Nobu Style Sashimi Tacos with Yellowfin Tuna or Salmon (4 pieces)

Rock Shrimp Tempura with Creamy Spicy or Butter Ponzu Sauce 

They also have a chef's choice and signature menu option. We have done this elsewhere, and have always had great success.

Experience the Essence of Chef Nobu Matsuhisa's Cuisine with the multi-course omakase menu: Nobu's Signature Menu   $90 Chef's Choice     $125 & up upon request

Check out the entire menu, and make reservations here.

Hey guys, how does this treatment at Rock Spa sound?

Beer and Pretzels Pedicure

Relax with a cold beer, munch on some pretzels and
enjoy this macho pedicure. Jump feet first into a
foamy beer footbath with sliced lemons. Calluses are
smoothed and skin is rehydrated. Nails are buffed
and filed for a sporty look. CHEERS! 45 minutes $65

Now I bet you after a day at SDCC, your feet will be kicking you in the arse if you don't make a reservation for this: Call or Email: 619-764-6930 rockspa@hardrockhotelsd.com

Both bars, 207 and Float will be open to the public, however they open around private events which are currently not completely scheduled. (We will try to obtain the schedule closer to SDCC)

Hard Rock Hotel San Diego is the place to be at Comic Con.  They have the largest private parties every night and tons of celebrity faces around the hotel and we have the pictures to prove it!

Adrianne Curry
Photo by: Hew Burney

Coolest chick ever, so she gets top billing in Con Sweet Con's book :)

 Emily Deschanel

Photo by: Hew Burney

Jennifer Morrison
Photo by: Hew Burney

Milla Jovovich
Photo by: Hew Burney

Workaholics Cast
 Photo by: Hew Burney
Tom Arnold
Photo by: Hew Burney

Photo by: Hew Burney

Eric Balfour
Photo by: Hew Burney

(if anyone could comment with this woman's name. I feel bad not knowing)
Photo by: Hew Burney
Also from last years experience, there is a side exit where photographers will be hanging out. Well there is a reason for that. Many celebs will be ushered out this way. So if you have time to kill, and really want a unique SDCC experience pull up a bar stool, a seat at Nobu, check out the spa, or just meander on by and see where the real party is, Hard Rock San Diego.


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