Kiling Time With A Jurassic Throwback

Hold on geeks. It's my turn up to bat to help kill some time till con, so I'm bring back dinosaurs in a big way. I've got some grade A dna samples but my centrifuge is on the fritz. So this week, these GIFs will have to hold you over (in place of the live Jurassic Park tribute I had planned to debute in my living room via webcam).

Yes, there are truly 101 days until the first full day of con!

Calm down... it's not that long. Or maybe she's screaming because she just binged her flights?

Really I've felt worse turbulence in my car. Someone is being dramatic... anyway. I know you are all so excited for Jurassic Park 3-D in IMAX (of course). Every wonder how much these guys cost to feed on site? Just look at those chompers.

I'm going to shoot straight with you kids, I don't remember much from this movie except lil' me loved it. So I feel like it's a brand new adventure all over again, and that I have to love. Unless, it turns out like the time I thought watching ALF was a great idea.

jurassic park dramatic look pterodactyl GIF

Now some fun 1993 so called facts that you can take with you to thrill the rest of the audience with:

A movie ticket was $4.14 on average (I'm not buying this though because these sites say it's $8 a ticket now. I'm paying $18.00 for IMAX per ticket. Hopefully someone doesn't pull out their original ticket stub and burn you on this one!)

Brandon Lee died on the set of The Crow.
River Phoenix died of an overdose outside of the Viper Room in Los Angelos.

Woah man... I'm bring us down! I'll stop, but wait we were blessed with these cuties:


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