Waiting it out with the MTV movie awards and the Avengers

There are 94 days till SDCC 13 preview night.

This week ConSweetCon is going to pass our time watching the MTV movie awards.  

If You felt so inclined you could Assemble and watch the Avengers 946 times to pass the time till SDCC begins. Of course we can bring that number down to 945 to account for a break to watch Iron Man 3 on May 3rd.

There 135,360 minutes until SDCC 13 that makes HULK ANGRRRYYY! 

Be on the look out we hear the Catvengers are already assembled and waiting in line for the Thor 2 panel!

Check back next week for more helpful ways to pass the days till it is time for all of us remarkable people to come together in San Diego.


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