Walk This Way to SDCC

As it is National Walking Day, it seems as good a day as any to start your Con fitness preparations. Between sprinting to special offers and hiking across the Con to get to the next event, you will thank yourself come SDCC if you prepare now.

Here are some inspirational scenarios for your training program:

  1. You're down by Petco Park, chillin' at your favorite food truck (hey Swieners!). A tweet rolls in announcing free t-shirts for first 100 to find the secret agent at 1st and J. SPRINT!
  2. You're finally leaving Hall H after dutifully sleeping outside last night, despite having a nicely appointed, expensive hotel room. You simply must have a limited edition, comic-con exclusive, [INSERT OBJECT OF DESIRE HERE] that is becoming available soon on the floor. Go forth at a good clip, consistent pacing will serve you best now.
  3. You were lucky enough to score a 4-day with preview pass... it's day 3... your feet are swollen and sore... you've spent hours in lines on concrete floors... sometimes in the San Diego sun... sometimes under night fall... you're going to walk another 8-10,000 steps today... endurance is the key to happiness now!
With the popularity of personal activity trackers, this might be a good excuse to buy yourself one. GetGrok wrote up an excellent, data-driven blog reviewing each of the most popular options here. Last year I joined a FitBit SDCC group that's still active. It's interesting to compare and easy to spot who's holed in Hall H versus traversing events across San Diego. If you're a FitBit fan too, you can join the group here. Many thanks to @spotanime for creating the group last year! Need a friend? Find me on FitBit and Nike+ as sondraste@gmail.com. 

Happy walking SDCC con-goers!



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