Entertain ourselves we must!

65 days till the first full day of SDCC! So here's a few tunes to keep you distracted at work, or during those long pre-con walking warm ups!

Look I'm gonna break this down before we even start talking about music. I love music, but at this point in my life I feel like that mom talking about the Matrix if anyone asks what type of music I like. I tried to decipher this explanation here to provide a genre, but I lost my cool kids decoder ring so I can't understand a word of it. Actually, now that I think of it maybe I was only ever accepted to the BK kids club.

Our first up, we owe to The Mentalist whom has been stalking this album since before Daft Punk knew they were making it.

Check out Daft Punk - Get Lucky ft. Pharrell Williams

Look, I've been rocking this one for months. Just get the entire Animal Vegetable Mineral Part 1

Yeah this song kills it, and I'm not afraid to say it
My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up)- Fall Out Boy

Chaos Theory- Shockone Dubstep or Original Version 

Big Bounce- Shockone 

Lazerbeam- Shockone, Metrik, Kyza

Break of Dawn- Metrik 

House of Dreams-Bliss n Eso 

Another Day- xKore Remix 

No Stopping Us (feat. Foreign Beggars)- Dirtyphonics

Walk in the Fire- Dirtyphonics 

Days to come-Seven Lions 

So if the cubicle's a rockin, I guess your going to have to still come a knockin because if I'm in my cubicle I'm at work, and I have to be available at work right? Any who... these sweet ear jams keep me distracted and ready for the much more exciting world that is San Diego Comic Con. I hope you also find an escape in these tunes, and if not drop a comment below and hit us with some of your current favs!



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