Find A New Hero Series: Echo Chernik

The next artist we are featuring here at Con Sweet Con is Echo Chernik. Talented is an understatement when referring to the clear depth of inspiration that shines through each of her pieces of artwork. Echo's Art Nouveau is sure to strike your eye and leave a long lasting impression.

While shopping through Echo's store, personally we couldn’t help but imagine these beauties hanging up in our cubicles. Seriously though because leaving them at home for 40 hours a week feels like a crime. The Cthulhu Art Nouveau and Goddesses of Cuisine collections feel as if you can peer past the beautiful woman featured and into the picture a million times while catching a new texture or detail each time.  

We are very grateful that Echo could find the time to sneak a few questions in before San Diego Comic Con and give us a glimpse into that creative machine of a mind.

Where do you find inspiration for your work?
I find my inspiration in my interests. I enjoy pin-ups, cyberpunk, art nouveau, horror, gaming, art history, steampunk, and many many things geek. I wave my flag proudly.
What is your favorite work you have done?
I can't choose. They're like children and I love most of them each in their own special way. I love some better than others – but which change over time.
What current work are you most excited about?
My book ECHO A LA MODE. It's a large art book featuring most of my most popular pieces. I held off doing one for a long time - and I expect fans to get really excited about it. Artistically speaking, I'm most pleased with my latest personal piece is the final installment in my Cthulhu Dessert series named Cookie Cthulhu. It's a lovely pin-up piece with a tongue-in-cheek sense of humor, as it illustrates the great and mighty Cthulhu devilishly tempting a young woman with desire for cookies, while she is wearing a corset (obviously a problem for dessert-addicted women like myself). I'm also really excited about my latest commission for the video game Bioshock which the game developer used for a t–shirt. Professionally, I'm also finishing up a set of illustrations for Boston Beer (the makers of Sam Adams and Twisted Tea).
What is one thing you would like to pursue if you had additional free time?
More art.
What do you typically offer at your booth at SDCC? Is there typically any exclusive items?
I offer prints and books of my art. Everything from fine-art museum-quality canvases to originals works to prints and even hand-decorated items I do at the booth. I also bring my original drawings to SDCC for collectors who want a piece of the process towards my finished art.

What other uses have people found for your designs?
My clients range from Miller, Heineken, USPS, NASCAR, Celestial Seasonings, Jose Cuervo, and other national brands all the way to gaming companies like Irrational/2K Games, Catalyst Game Labs, Calliope Games, and Harebrained Schemes. In 2011, I produced the SDCC exclusive Dr. Who tattoo sleeve for BBC America – and both Matt Smith and Karen were walking around the con wearing them. I also produce my own unique fine art like my Cthulhu Dessert series. Products featuring my art can be found at Nieman Marcus and even your local grocery store. I'm very busy – but never so busy to turn down an awesome project.
What is your favorite autograph or collectable you’ve picked up at a convention?
That's hard to say, but I recently met Bob Masse at a con. He was so nice and down-to-earth. We traded artwork and I got a photo with him.
What is the best SDCC or convention moment you have had?
There are sooo many – but the most memorable was having Colin Fergusson (Eureka, Lake Placid 3, etc.) stop by my booth every day during the con to talk about one of my pieces – and every day I was so blurry eyed from greeting fans that I failed to recognized him. After the con, he sent me an email mocking me for not remembering him ("Hi, This is Colin Fergusson. Remember me? I was the Sheriff on Eureka? On the SciFi Network? Nothing? Really?").
Of course, seeing Matt Smith wearing my Dr. Who tattoo sleeve and having him shout to the cameras that it was his favorite thing at the con was pretty great, too.
Then there was being selected as one of FOX's Babes of Comic Con – that was flattering.

Find me at Booth #4820 Fantasy Artist's Section (NOT in artist's alley)

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If you do decide you want to outfit your grey dungeon or white wall palace, Echo's store is very user friendly and you can sort by price if you'd like. With offerings anywhere from less than $25 to up to $1999. There is definitely a range for everyone from the mail room to CEO. We think no matter your position, these pieces are gonna class the joint up and definitely grab peoples attention.

Also don't miss Booth #4820, as Echo Chernik's artwork is even more impressive and soulful in person.


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