People Funnier Than Me To Help Fill In The 54 Days Till Con

Get out from under that rock, download Spotify (If your cheap like me it's free, just don't sign up for the premium stuff. Unless you wanna roll to SDCC with this on your phone or listen offline, then your gonna have to upgrade yourselves.) and check out these albums full of enough funnies to keep you roaring till the sweet sweat funk of thousands of nerds fill those nasal cavities and Hall H is in sight.

Kyle Kinane- Whiskey Icarus: I dare you to tell me this isn't the funniest thing you have ever heard... wait no that's not nice to say. That's bullying. I am sorry, I am just full of passion on this one. Turns my not so happys, into all smiles.

Then sorry but I gotta just get right on to

Anthony Jeselnik- Caligula: Come on, you know this dude by now. Comedy Central Roasts, or his own show, "The Jeselnik Offensive". Somehow, if not, here's your warning- if your shocked easily maybe skip this one. Personally whatever I expected him to say, I didn't hear and I loved it! Here's a clip from his show:

Next up

Nate Bargatze- Yelled At By A Clown: I didn't expect it, but so freaking funny. Please check out this one entire performance. It is amazingly spectacular. Takes a bad day and just flips it around.

Then in no particular order (because I lost track... sorry laughing makes that happen):

T.J. Miller- Mashup Audio File: Hilarious... I guess maybe it can come off offensive, but not obviously that's kind of my thing. So if you skip this one you won't hurt my feelings. Here's another clip not from the actual album:

Matt Braunger- Shovel Fighter: Sweetly cute hilarious awkwardness

Todd Barry- Super Crazy: I thought it was dry comedy, Directions for tourists track was too much. I almost choked at my desk laughing. Couldn't find that clip, but you should check it out.

Pete Holmes Impregnated with wonder: painless humor that keeps you laughing. I just noticed there is a new album up, Nice Try, The Devil. Gonna check that out today too!

Tommy Johnagin- Stand Up Comedy 2: This one I didn't even note, however it made my list so it must have been great... right?

Nick Thune- smart quick witty and includes a nice guitar background to ease airplane nerves. had me till the end where it turns to all music... somehow you lost me. Sorry it's just true. 

There it is kids. If you know of anyone I missed, especially if they are on Spotify, I beg of you leave a comment. We all need more giggles to get us to SDCC!



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