Stay Classy San Diego Comic Con: Eat At Swieners!

We reached out to our favorite food vendor from last year, Swieners. Who thankfully confirmed they will be at this year's San Diego Comic Con. So if you did not get to experience Swiener's last year, here's all the tantalizing info on a quick bite you won't want to miss.

Last year, we were blessed with the discovery of a little foodie miracle named Swieners while at SDCC. It was located in a parking lot right next to PetCo Park, within walking distance of the infamous Hall H line. Inside of its humble little walls is the home of three marvelously splendid ingredients that will make your con much tastier. What it pretty much boils down to here is: wieners. Ok, so definately not hot dogs and not really sausages. Swieners actually uses Brats, and I would classify them as gourmet. They even have a vegan version or if your vegetarian (or a mouse) you can order just cheese.

Since I just mentioned the cheese, let's get down to brass tacks here. I guess you could go without, but Swieners doesn't offer any old cheese ladies and gentleman. Swieners has Swiss Mountain Raclette cheese. Yep, I never heard of it before either. But hey, your at con, give it a try. I am pretty sure you'll love it. The raclette cheese is completely melty and reminded me of a mozzerella without the rubbery vibe.

Then just to make sure I cover all the bases of a basically good meal, the roll. We are from Philly where are rolls are put under a microscope when serving cheesesteaks. So when I say Swieners rolls passed the Con Sweet Con roll test, that's all you need to know, Kapeesh? 

Those are just the basics. Below are many ways you can order your Swiener. Maybe our resident mentalist can calculate the juicy combos we can enjoy while waiting in line for Hall H?

How to order a SWIENER

Step 1. Give us your name. We’ll even try to spell it correctly.

Step 2. Decide which kind of sausage you prefer:

Traditional German Brat
Spicy Pork
All Beef
Chicken Apple

Step 3. Enhance your Swiener?
Dijon Mustard
Swiss Onion Sauce (carmelized onions- Swiss Family Caniglia recipe)

Step 4. Swiss It!
Add Swiss Mountain Raclette cheese…yodelicious!Add paprika, chili flakes, jalapenos, or bacon bits to your melted Raclette

Currently we don't have word on where Swieners will be, but if we do... we will let you know first! Check out their website which also features the full menu, find them on facebook, and follow them on twitter.


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