What to Expect When Your Expecting To Be At SDCC: Bored Inc. Edition

Oh poo, is what will literally bring you over to our next featured vendor's booth. Yep, that's right people- poop!

It's much cuter than your probably imagining right now. Bored Inc. makes the yucky, beyond adorable and totally affordable. Which is why we think you should pump the breaks when you see the the Bored Inc booth and give poop a chance.

From stickers and stuffed animals to prints, Bored Inc. has creative cute gifts every year at San Diego Comic Con. They will also have SDCC exclusives (once we hear about it we will make sure to pass that information on)!

If you love pugs... they have pugs!

If you love wieners... they have wieners!

If you love llamas, they have llamas!

Here are our Bored Inc pre-con picks:

Super awesome Domo Kun Candy Land Lanyard ($7.50)

 The Friends Forever enamel pin featuring poo and toliet paper ($5)

And this adorable purse for after con of course, Yummies Kisslock Purse ($30)


Basically get with Bored Inc. because they are schoolin it with the cuteness!

Check out their site and blog, find them on Facebook & Twitter.


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