Find A New Heroine Series: Sue Dawe

This week we step into a world of fantasy that is filled with wizards, unicorns, and dragons all created by the gracefully majestic talents of Sue Dawe. If your not familiar with her work, then I suggest paging through her online gallery before San Diego Comic Con. It's a fun adventure that is even narrated by Sue herself through comments on each of her pieces. Plus it will give you a sneak peak into what she will have awaiting you in the Artists' Alley, Table AA-08. 

Where do you find inspiration for your work?

Everywhere!  I travel quite a bit, and am always photographing interesting places that are 'off the asphalt'.  I am also inspired by music, books, and things that I like in general.  And of course, I like to paint things that I like, but cannot have, hence my reasons for being a 'fantasy' artist.

What is your favorite work you have done?

It's a tie between a Star Wars inspired piece called "Comes A Dark Time" and a piece I painted just for me called "The Night Dancer".

What current work are you most excited about?

Hmmm... I have another mermaid piece that's 'on the table' that I rather like.  And I always enjoy new projects for Chivalry Games.

What is one thing you would like to pursue if you had additional free time?

Besides sleep, haha?  I would travel more, and write.

What do you typically offer at your booth at SDCC? Is there typically
any exclusive items?

I offer prints of my work, both small and larger limited editions.

What other uses have people found for your designs?

Besides the usual posters, back-to school notebooks, etc?  Tattoos definitely; many people are 'wearing' my art permanently.  I ran into a girl in the bathroom at Disneyland once, who had two tattoos of my paintings.  And one family has had my art engraved on a stone bench at their family's grave-site.  My work really is 'carved in stone'!

What is your favorite autograph or collectible you've picked up at a convention?

EL light-saber, very fun.  And I was Artist GoH at another convention along with media guest Dave Prowse, and he signed a Darth Vader painting that I had done for the Ruben H. Fleet Space Theatre years ago, and happened to have with me on display at that convention.

What is the best SDCC or convention moment you have had?

Oh, so many!!!  Hmmm... the first screening of "The Empire Strikes Back" trailer to screaming, excited fans in '79 comes to mind.  And in '97, the Star Wars 20th year anniversary, I was sitting in Artists' Alley next to the guys from the (then) Studio Scorpio, and in honor of the 20th anniversary, all of them were doing a large, full sheet of illo board montage of the different SW characters for the charity art auction.  I really, really wanted to join them on their project, but didn't want to be pushy and ask.  Meantime, they wondered if I would like to add to their montage, but didn't want to bother me (who they called "the unicorn maven"...).  Finally, one of them asked if I would like to add a character to their montage, and I fairly blurted out "Oh!  I was so hoping you would ask!"   No one had chosen "Obi-wan" yet (my favorite character) and so it was like a match made in heaven.  Awesome fun!  I made new friends and am still in touch with the guys today.


Make sure you check out Sue Dawe's website: Don't miss both of her online gallerys where she even has a piece called Hanging Out In Horton PlazaDefinitely stop by and say hi at SDCC in Artists' Alley and check out all her pieces in person they way they are meant to be seen at AA-08.


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