What To Expect When Your Expecting To Be At SDCC: Zenescope Edition

Have you heard? Not that the bird is the word, but that the luscious ladies of Zenescope are taking over San Diego Comic Con this year. If not, guess you'll just have to read more to find out the details ;)

What attendees will find at your booth typically? Any SDCC exclusives?

We are at booth #2301. We have a full selection of our trade paperbacks, comic-themed merchandise, art prints, as well as convention exclusives. We will have an exciting collection of SDCC exclusives this year, which will include a limited edition art book, and exclusive covers from some of the top pin-up artists in the industry. 

What is the typical price range?

Our trade paperbacks are usually $10,  and merchandise ranges from $10 bags to $200 statues. Our art prints are usually $20 each. We also have a slew of exclusive covers, which can range from $10 sketch covers, to CGC-graded books that are over $100 each. 

How many years you've attended, other conventions you attend?

We have been attending SDCC for 5 years now as a company. We attend over 25 conventions each year. This year, we even traveled oversees for a convention in London. 

What are some past highlights you may have for attending San Diego, or tips you can offer?

Well, this year we will be running a panel to show off our Grimm Fairy Tales Animated pilot to the public. There are a few other surprises as well which we can’t announce yet, but fans will be excited.

But just when you want to paint Zenescope into the sexy lady corner, think again! This year they are bringing new titles like Family Pets and Screwed, which also feature can't miss artwork and a creative storylines to boot.

Family Pets centers around 16 year old Thomasina, who has already had her share of heartache and is looking for a little extra meaning in her life. To her surprise, she wakes up one day to find herself cleaning up after her new pets WHO used to be her foster family! Family Pet's is an all ages comic, which (because I can read your mind) does not mean it's just for kids. If you don't believe me, read this review. 

Screwed is a riveting dark tale of a woman physically pieced back together and looking for some answers. Screwed #1 was just released June 5th, check out this review for more info.

Check Zenescope at Zenescope.com, follow them on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter. Don't forget to stop at booth #2301 and check out the Grimm Fairy Tales Panel for more about the pilot!

Special thanks to Stephen Haberman from Zenescope for giving us the 411 for SDCC.


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