Fit Art Appreciation Into Your SDCC: Eidolon Fine Arts Booth

We spoke to Ryan of Eidolon Fine Arts to see what we should expect at their booth #4801 this year. He also gave us a sneak peek into what it is like behind the booth and where else we can find everything Eidolon Fine Arts has to offer. 

Strikingly Beautiful

At Eidolon Fine Arts, attendees will find a variety of media intended to engage with art that's a little outside of the norm. We've got books, ranging from monographs to sketchbooks and show catalogs, prints, and, of course, LOTS of original art. While these are all pretty standard items for SDCC, I like to think that our content is extends beyond pop culture and into something with a deeper resonance. I heavily believe in work that features humanistic values, work that speaks to us of us, and everything that the booth features draw upon these humanist values. Eidolon Fine Arts looks to provide our audience with insight, reflection, confrontation and a lasting dialogue with art. This year, we'll be featuring original art from Jason Shawn Alexander, João Ruas and Barron Storey.

We'll be debuting a few new things this year: two new sketchbooks from Sandman co-creator Mike Dringenberg, a catalog featuring Barron Storey's last exhibition titled "Factum 1 | Factum 2", and the End of Innocence portfolio set from artists Barron Storey and Kent Williams. We'll also have artists Jason Shawn Alexander and Barron Storey in attendance at the show, both will be signing and sketching.

This will be Eidolon Fine Arts fourth year exhibiting at SDCC, and personally, my 20th year. In the past, we've also attended the Alternative Press Expo (and will again in 2013) and Spectrum Fantastic Art. We also partner with galleries in Los Angeles and San Francisco for a variety of exhibitions.

There's a couple of highlights to attending shows like this. First off, it's the relationships that can happen in a split second, and tend to last for years and years. With such a confluence of like-minded people, it's inevitable that connections are made: between artist and fan, attendee to attendee, or between an audience and the work itself. These relationships have have long-reaching positive implications and are truly one of the best reasons for attending shows. A second highlight for my booth personally is seeing the light go on when somebody's horizons suddenly expand dramatically. Eidolon Fine Arts offers exposure to works that range from accessible to somewhat esoteric, again with the intent of creating a conversation. I find that the experience of interacting directly with both the original work and the artist provides an amazing example of the transformative impact of art.

You can find Eidolon Fine Arts online at:
Instagram: @eidolonfa

Make sure you stop by Booth #4801 to really admire these pieces in person. If you have time to kill on your way to SDCC, or in line check out their site Also don't forget they will have signings and sketches also.


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