SDCC Recap Continues: Psych The Musical

We are recapping SDCC just as the feeling starts coming back to our toes. Ok, maybe it’s just me and my toes but I still I can’t feel them due to the exorbitant amount of miles I wore in my new wedge Nikes. Running up and down from the Marriott to the convention floor then to Hall H and back has left me wearing flip flops since SDCC. Not to mention a few trips to Petco Park, a million Starbucks trips and then we even hoofed it to our next featured spot - the Psych: The Musical midnight premiere party! 

From @Psych_USA Twitter

Enough about me, let’s get down to it! The gang at USA and Psych know how to treat a lady, or a man, or anyone for that matter as long as you’re a fan! We were really worried we wouldn’t make the cut for this event. It was preview night after all and we fought tooth and nail to get preview night tickets. There was no way we could wait in line at 2pm when the fellow Psych-O's started forming the line. So we had to take the chance of first going to SDCC then leaving to get in line.

Before we even got there, we knew we were missing an epic line! Tweets from Psych were coming in fast and furious and the line looked like amazing. Lots of swag and smiles were wrapping around the building. At one point, two of us even said to each other on the con floor, "I think we should have gone to Psych the Musical instead." Anyone who knows what SDCC is, knows this is a big statement.

From @Psych_USA

So we bolted from the con floor, and ran up at 8:30. After one full lap we realized there was no end… that we saw. So a very nice gentleman from the promotional department escorted us and a few other lost souls to the end of the line, which somehow was on the inside of the sidewalk.

From @Psych_USA

We saw the lucky folks that were in line from the start with pineapple foam head gear and foam microphones. There was also a lady doing Psych tattoos! 

Never fear, we didn't miss out on all of the fun. The promotions ladies of Psych were dressed in cute little outfits and rollerskating around with handfuls of Psych home buttons for phones, slap bracelets, pins and necklaces. 

We took our place in line and excitedly accepted our gifts of swag. As far as lines go, this was a very pleasant one. The people we were standing with were very nice and all other needs could be taken care of relatively easily in the area around the theater. 

Then we found out the cast would be arriving via Oscar Meyer Wienermobiles, Bunderstruck & Autobuhn. (shout out to Autobuhn who hooked up the weiner whistle) Yep, the excitement grew from here and never really stopped. The cast came minutes later and then once they stopped walked the line. Classy my friends, undeniably classy! 

We were then ushered into the theater and handed Psych lanyards, Psych popcorn and sodas. Then once we were in our theater, our promotion friends came back again and gave out sunglasses and candy. 

Our Popcorn

Seriously people, if your not impressed yet your a hard sell! The screen rolled Psych Trivia and clips as we awaited the screening. Yet they still had more up their sleeve. The cast came around before the screening to introduce the musical to us personally and even throw out T-Shirts.

A Shot Of The Screen Before Musical

The musical was hilarious, sweet and refreshing. Jamaican Inspector Man... is going to kill! Once you see it, well you'll understand. With cameos from some old Psych friends, we think this will be an extra special event that's worth throwing your own Psych party for. Don't worry we'll help you with some ideas soon. We have 136 days to work out the details.

To summarize, they obviously had the best event at SDCC. I'm even throwing out there... best event at SDCC ever! Why? Because they rented the entire theater, unlike other companies who have previously used one screening room for events. They opened the invite to everyone, not just SDCC goers. They showered us with swag that made the time in line pass quickly and lit the fires of our excitement for the evening. Then they continued this with the cast arrival, concessions, and general concern for our involvement. Hat's off to you USA, Psych, and the marketing company that set this up. More importantly, THANK YOU! 


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