See Yourself In Kloon

We ran a feature on an endlessly talented artist by the name of Felipe Echevarria just a little while back. So when we received word that a new project was in the works and he was a part of it, well it didn't surprise us that it was already entrancingly gorgeous.

The project is a children's book named Kloon, which is French for clown. The story is moving and my words cannot do it justice. You should check out the clip here which thoroughly moved me or read below which is an excerpt from their kickstarter:

In late 19th century Paris, a mysterious vagabond acquires a young mute boy from a workhouse and tells the child his fortune has finally found him.   Believing he'll be given a family, the boy is actually adopted into a secret society of clowns who use magic and showmanship to steal from the unwitting people of Paris. 

The clowns -- a gang of misfits and "irregulars" -- seek to get the last laugh on a society that has long since betrayed them.   Ironically, they've survived behind face paint and costumes, as caricatures of their own unwanted selves for the pleasure of the crowd.

What the gang doesn't realize is that while the boy is learning the trade of clowning and thieving, he is also falling in love with the sound of laughter.  True laughter.  Not the mockeries he heard while growing up. Soon he realizes he is destined for something greater....  something good.

After vanishing in the middle of the night with a pure-hearted street performer named Souribelle, he and his newfound love set out with visions of creating Paris' first true circus-- until a voice from his former life comes calling with a devastating agenda.

In the end, Kloon is not only an inspiring tale about a boy who grows up and discovers his true self against all odds, it is also the untold story of how a notorious workhouse becomes transformed into Paris' first and greatest circus.

Felipe is not alone on this project by any means. It is actually headed up by Mars & Matz, who are Steven Marten and Alexis Nolent. They are joined by Antoine de Cazotte, executive producer of Oscar winner, The Artist. Now imagine the quality of work that will be produced from this powerhouse team. This book will be an item you cherish, and right now you can say you helped make it happen!

The perks of giving it a KICK!

Imagine yourself in this story. Now SEE yourself in it! I love the $400 backer option because that's what you'll receive. Imagine your child's face when they open this beautiful book and BAM... there they are. With it, you receive:

You and a loved one will be painted into a PARIS STREET SCENE within the pages of KLOON! Choose from one of six eligible scenes, from charming to spectacular, and receive a 12" x 18" SIGNED GICLEE of your painting for framing, plus the Dog & Pony package for your hardcover and softcover copies! [And yes, the LA party is also yours to attend; see Front Row package for details!]

Maybe just owning the actual book is more up your alley. Then you'll want to check out the $40 option:

The IMPRESARIO -- Our perfect vision of Kloon. Receive an autographed, hard cover edition of the book, your name in the "Special Acknowledgements," plus a unique pull-out section with character studies, palette tests, and early concept art, reproduced as 8 x10 prints on archival paper, as well as a digital copy.

No matter what you do, you owe it to yourself to at least check out Kloon now.

For more examples of Felipe Echevarria's amazing talents, check out his site. 


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