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Here's a bunch of unedited pics of the Dragon Con Parade because we love you and wish you were here ;)

Sorry there aren't more. We have 200+ however wifi is terribly spotty and I have been trying to get these up all day.

What You Missed At Monster-Mania: Lady Arielle

So you missed Monster-Mania Con? Well, all is not lost. Yes, the panels and autographs are over. The amazing costumes have all been packed away. Of course, you can't just walk into the Crown Plaza in Cherry Hill and enjoy any of the madness. However, the place was packed with amazing vendors. Many of whom create art of their own, which you can enjoy all year.
We wanna start by featuring Lady Arielle. She is a fabulously sweet and endlessly energetic woman. We think you should meet her, just to meet her.  She also offers amazing Doctor Who jewelry which made me stop and squeal. From shiny to chunky, there are pieces to please every one's taste. 
Maybe this is a little much for some people. If so, I liked this necklace also. Even though it's meant for men, I could definitely rock this piece myself and I think other woman could too.
Maybe necklaces aren't your thing. That's cool because Lady Arielle has bracelets and earrings too. My attempt to take pics of the Tardis ea…

Find A New Hero Series: Michael Banks

Things are getting super crazy over here as we prepare for our first Dragon Con. We found a bunch of amazing events, bands, and artists that are forming a huge can't miss list. Sugar Fueled is one of those can't miss booths which features the artwork of Michael Banks. As you can see below, his style is unmistakable and utterly adorable. For me, it's all about the little details that make my heart sing each time I look at his his pieces. The hardest part is deciding which print to choose. He spoke to us about Sugar Fueled and cons below.

What attendees will find at your booth typically? 

Creepy Cute Big eye art of some of your favorite pop culture characters as well as my own designs of prints, my original oil paintings, canvas giclees, pins, stickers, Illustrated comic book, original children's book and sketch cards.

We have original oil paintings for Dragoncon.

How many years you've attended Dragon Con?

1 year

Any advice for Dragon Con attendees?

Make sure to not miss th…

Sharing Insidious Chapter 2 SDCC Details

Were still recapping SDCC, and we know it’s trickling out of us slowly. Let’s just say recovery has been slow, and planning for 2014 has already started. Along with Dragon Con, Baltimore Comic Con, NYCC, and a few more were gonna sneak in there along the way.So let’s give you the goods on the Insidious Chapter 2 party right now. We won access to the party thanks to our friends at Zombie Walk San Diego. Excited and not sure what to expect, we met up with the promotional staff at an intersection in Gaslamp at midnight. They placed Insidious Chapter 2 wristbands on us and then led us to the event that was tucked up into an apartment type location. Once inside, we were greeted by man above tending bar wearing a gas mask with an awesome Insidious Chapter 2 light-up sign hanging above him. It was creepy and stylish. Then in the next room there was a DJ on top of a tall podium in front of bodies covered in fabric. Once again, it was the same mixture of creepy and stylish that was seen at the …

Find A New Hero Series: Andy Brase

Heading to Chicago Wizards World this week? If so, we have one name and table to look for in particular: Andy Brase at table B34. His talent shines clearly on the pages he pens and they deserve every second of your time. In two words, his work is intricately magnificent. Just don't take our word for it. We are very grateful that Andy took time to talk all things con with us and give us a peek into his booth, his creative process and what he is working on now. 

What attendees will find at your booth typically? 

Dark characters, vicious creatures & lots of elaborately drawn shadows to look at ;) I have available various Art Prints and framed prints, comics, T-shirts, etc.

Any exclusive or new items for the convention?  

I many times have a sketchbook/artbook, though they generally go quite fast. My artbooks "Exorcism" and the "Noctiluca" sketchbook both sold out already.

For Wizard Chicago this year, I'm planning a print portfolio that will be available at the…

Recapping the Game of Thrones Experience at SDCC

The Game of Thrones Experience ranks in as number two on our list of best fan experiences at SDCC. We considered time invested and overall experience provided when we decided how to ranked these. Let’s get into it. HBO went above and beyond to give back to their fans this year. We waited outside about an hour and a half, which included time before it was open on Sunday, to sit and be drawn into a scene of GOT by a real artist.
Afterwards you may have waited a bit more and then been allowed to enter into the building where there were GOT video displays, Funko Pop displays, the Iron Throne, a video game, and a desk to order a custom tee shirt were all placed throughout a large room.  So here’s the details: The Iron Throne was placed in one corner with an impressive photography set up in front of it. They printed out a copy for you and then also offered for you to send a copy to yourself via email, twitter, etc.

The Funko Pop displays located at the front included a contest that you could I…