Find A New Hero Series: Andy Brase

Heading to Chicago Wizards World this week? If so, we have one name and table to look for in particular: Andy Brase at table B34. His talent shines clearly on the pages he pens and they deserve every second of your time. In two words, his work is intricately magnificent. Just don't take our word for it. We are very grateful that Andy took time to talk all things con with us and give us a peek into his booth, his creative process and what he is working on now. 

What attendees will find at your booth typically? 

Dark characters, vicious creatures & lots of elaborately drawn shadows to look at ;) 
I have available various Art Prints and framed prints, comics, T-shirts, etc. 

Any exclusive or new items for the convention?  

I many times have a sketchbook/artbook, though they generally go quite fast. My artbooks "Exorcism" and the "Noctiluca" sketchbook both sold out already.

For Wizard Chicago this year, I'm planning a print portfolio that will be available at the show.

How many Wizard World conventions have you attended previously? 

I've gone many times to the Wizard Chicago con, though I haven't made it to any of the other Wizard cons.  The Chicago show is one of their biggest events.

Any advice for Wizard World attendees?

My advice would be to make sure you make it through the artist alley section of the con. 
Where do you find inspiration for your work?

My inspirations come from lots of different sources including personal life, music, art & artists I admire (like Frank Frazetta), things I read, things I see, movies, my muse Tamara, etc.

What is your favorite work you have done?

My favorite drawings are the ones for my own project "Chaos Destiny" based on my characters, world, and creature designs. Some of these include Gatekeeper of the Dark, Athan Cyprus, Sevora and many creature designs like The Eyeball Collector and Twisted Walls.  These are the drawings I'm closest to and are the most personal.

I do have many other favorite drawings though, and always find it hard to single out certain drawings I like more than others.  There's different drawings I like for certain parts or reasons.  I always push to do my best to make drawings that are exciting on different levels, and drawings I would be excited to see if I didn't draw them.

Of course, I am my own worst critic too and even with drawings I like the most, I can see things I don't think are right.

What current work are you most excited about?

I have a couple books covers for George RR Martin and Neil Gaiman stories, which are exciting. Also a few other commissions and upcoming projects, that are crazy cool, though I'll keep you in suspense ;) It was fun to do a couple Swamp Thing covers this year too. Swamp Thing is a character I always wanted to get a chance to draw, especially being a Wrightson fan.

What is one thing you would like to pursue if you had additional free time?

I would work more on my own project writing, drawing, creating new characters and creatures. 

What other uses have people found for your designs? 

I've seen a number of people have got tattoos based on my art.  Some really good ones too.  There have been some sculptures created of characters I designed.  I did some monster toy designs for DC.  Sadly the toys were never made, but I did see the sculpt for a Vampire character I designed and it was very well done and cool to see!  It's a shame the project never went through.

Dark Horse had a sculpture/ bust made based off a redesign of "Kull" I did for them. I've done art for T-shirt designs, album art, games, and various other things too, besides comic and book covers.

What is your favorite autograph or collectible you have picked up at a convention?

At conventions, now days, I keep pretty busy at my table or booth and don't really get out to get autographs or collectibles.My favorite things to get are artbooks, sketchbooks and sometimes prints from artists I enjoy. 

Probably my favorite thing I bought at a show was an original sculpture piece from my friend, French artist, Virginie Ropars. It's a bust of a character she designed called "Black Widow".  This was at  "Spectrum Fantastic Art Live" an annual art convention in Kansas City.  

What is the best convention moment you have had?

Meeting fellow artists and fans is great. I think a personal favorite moment was meeting and talking to Bernie Wrightson a year or 2 ago. His work has always been very inspiring, especially early in my career, when I was finding myself and voice as an artist.

My table, in artist alley, was set up across from Bernie's at a convention. So I had a chance to talk with him several times at the con. Towards the end I was going to buy a Frankenstein print from him and instead Bernie gave me a set of 6 prints!   He said now that he had discovered my work he was a fan :) That was a great moment for me. Bernie really is great! 

Other conventions you attend?

I'll be exhibiting at IlluXCon in Allentown, PA this Sept. and Fallcon (Saint Paul, MN) in October. In the past I've attended Dragoncon (last year), Spectrum Art Live in Kansas City, Planet Comicon, and various other ones, especially in the Midwest region of the US.

Can you clarify what IlluXCon is?

IlluXCon, is an art show/convention, though has more of a gallery feel. I'll have an artist table with originals, prints, etc. The show is all artist based and focused more on fantasy illustration and art, than a comic convention. They also focus on traditional art and every artist there has original works at the show. Those that attend include student artists, art collectors, art fans, art directors, etc.

To get an exhibiting table, artists apply and are judged, since they only have a limited number of spaces. They offer tables to those that make the cut.
There's artists working in book covers, games, movie concepts, comics, fine art, sculpture,... some very incredible artists attend ;)

Let's point out that you should get your hands on that print portfolio in Chicago in Artist Alley at table B34 before everyone else does. Check out this floor plan and don't forget to make B34 one of your favorites! If you don't have tickets yet, you can still save $10 by getting them ahead of time

Also even though we have personally never attended IlluXCon, this event sounds like a gathering of powerhouse artists. Best of all, you'll get to admire Andy's work while maybe scoring the "IlluXConcepts" artbook created for the event. Check out his blog here for more details.

IlluXCon goes down September 11th-15th in Allentown, PA. However, Andy will be there the 14th and 15th. There are 5 day passes available, however it is an extremely limited event on the weekdays with only 300 passes being available and non-student tickets are $175. Passes for Saturday and Sunday will be made available at the door the day of also. This seems like the more reasonable option, especially since that's when we can see Andy's art!

See below for information we found at their site.

Want to purchase single-day passes?
Single-day passes are sold at the door on Saturday and Sunday. Read the details below, and be sure to sign up for our mailing list to be sure not to miss show updates in the coming months!

For more Andy Brase eye candy, check him out here:


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