Recapping the Game of Thrones Experience at SDCC

The Game of Thrones Experience ranks in as number two on our list of best fan experiences at SDCC. We considered time invested and overall experience provided when we decided how to ranked these. Let’s get into it. 

Pick A Scene

HBO went above and beyond to give back to their fans this year. We waited outside about an hour and a half, which included time before it was open on Sunday, to sit and be drawn into a scene of GOT by a real artist.

Afterwards you may have waited a bit more and then been allowed to enter into the building where there were GOT video displays, Funko Pop displays, the Iron Throne, a video game, and a desk to order a custom tee shirt were all placed throughout a large room. 

So here’s the details: The Iron Throne was placed in one corner with an impressive photography set up in front of it. They printed out a copy for you and then also offered for you to send a copy to yourself via email, twitter, etc.

The Funko Pop displays located at the front included a contest that you could Instagram captions for entries. There was also contest that you could enter in via trivia question on paper. There was also a GOT Xbox, where they had one month subscriptions to Xbox Gold they were giving out and they had GOT cell phone covers they were handing out.

Then when you finally made it to the other side of the room, there was a hoard of people. This is where you waited in line to order your custom HOUSE _____ tee shirt. Note this shirt is actually super soft. Companies get bonus points for comfort. The “hoard” was people waiting for their tee shirt to be made, even though you were allowed to come back and staff even encouraged this. Then on the left next to the door to leave, there were bows you could use in a GOT simulation video game. 

We also got a bonus of seeing the actor John Bradley, who plays Samwell Tarly. 

Now do you understand why Game of Thrones brought a real fan experience to SDCC? Mad props to HBO, Game Of Thrones and whomever actually planned and executed this.


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