Find a New Hero Series: Drew Blank and Hero Squares

Dragon Con 2013 rocked our socks off! So much so, that we know we will be at 2014. Let's not get too ahead of ourselves though, because we have so much to post about still. So many great artists, so many great pictures, without further delay here is our first featured artist Drew Blank and Hero Squares:

When you see the Hero Squares booth, you will be lucky to walk away with $$$ left in your pocket. Ingeniously funny and drawn in a sharp way that your bound to love, Hero Squares has something for everything your interested in. Drew Blank is the man behind the madness. At Dragon Con he featured prints, build your own cereal boxes, greeting cards, a t-shirt and coloring books. All of his items are reasonably priced and will leave you wanting more! Take a peek below.


ASH & HIS BOOMSTICK! PRINT Either $5 or $10 depending on size

WALKING DEAD PRINTS $5 or $10 with sets for $20 or $40

IT'S ADVENTURE TIME FOR DR WHO $5 or $10 depending on size

You should catch up with Drew Blank in person at NYCC and don't elbow me out because I need a few more prints myself. Not making NYCC, that stinks but don't fret! Check out Hero Squares at and Drew at and add to your collection today. You can also follow Drew on Twitter @DrewABlank


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