More of What You Missed At Monster Mania

While we edit photos furiously from Dragon Con, here is our wrap up of Monster Mania Con. There was a ton of amazing events, vendors and artists you missed. Here are just a few that caught our eye:

Geek Boy Press was in full effect at Monster Mania. Louie La Palombara III specializes in all things pop culture, and he has fans of most genres covered with awesome prints and sweet t-shirts too.

Going to Baltimore Comic Con? Awesome, because you can check out Geek Boy Press in first person this weekend! Don't be sad if you can't make Baltimore, you can score cool Geek Boy Press goods online too. See, everyone wins :)

Matt Smith Print $10.00
Dixon Brothers Walker Disposal $13.00 
Ghostbusters Print $10.00
Jason Voorhee Print $10.00

Check out, friend Louie on Facebook to stay up to date, and check for them at your next con.

So we also have a personal affinity for our next featured artist, Freaky Deekys. You heard me right, Freaky Deekys  turns pillows into artwork and my, oh, my is it adorable and amazing all sewed right into one. Check it out below. There are designs for fans of anything. Bonus, we promise this is one gift no one will already have.

This set would be great for a wedding or shower gift for special somebody who really doesn't want another blender.

Can you imagine the looks on the plane with this pillow?

Tardis $45.00

Make sure you check out for more amazing pillows and keep up to date with Freaky Deekys by liking them on Facebook

This next piece was too adorable to be as horrifying as it should be and it was presented by Exquisitely Rotten. Zombie My Little Ponies in corset form, who knew you could rock something so unique? Exquisitely Rotten has more to offer than ponies. Their creativity has blessed the world with many more magical creations seen below.

Custom Marauder's Map Underbust Corset $60

Custom Tardis Underbust Corset $60

Exquisitely Rotten can be found on Facebook and definitely check out their Etsy shop for these amazing corsets.

As you can tell, there is a theme here. Much creativity has gone into the work of those featured here. Our next artist also puts much love and labor into her work. Gina D'Angelo is a seamstress, of Super Sox Shop, who creates magnificent "stuffies". The intricacies and delicacies of Gina's work is what sets her items miles apart from anything you could find in a chain store.

Lightning Brash Knuckles $11.95

Super Sox Shop has unique quality products made with care. Maybe you should bookmark their site, for Xmas... hint, hint. They can also handle custom orders also.

Our next featured artist creates custom accessories. Itzy Bitzy's Couture, Fine Millinery & Accessories created these tiny hats that are overloaded with style. Best of all, they love what they do and it shows. The passion comes through on all of their pieces, especially custom work. Imagine your own piece for a wedding. Well Itzy Bitzy's has done it, many times.

You can contact Itzy Bitzy's at or friend them on Facebook to check out some amazing pictures of gorgeous ladies wearing tiny beauty hats.

Believe it or not, there is more you missed. We had to feature The Ornament Guy, since he literally created new pieces right in front of us. Each ornament is adorned with hand painted artwork featuring pretty much anything you can think of from E.T. to Saw. 

Check out for upcoming shows and many more designs. 

That's our Monster-Mania wrap up folks! As you can see, Carrie Fisher's dog can't swim and must wear a floatie at all times just in case a sharknado rolls in. Or maybe it's a neck brace that it needed after acquiring whiplash in Monster Mania while trying to peep out all the cool vendors and artists. Or maybe it's just a pet friendly leash, whatever the case, be cool like this dog and check out the next Monster-Mania Con in Hunt Valley, MD Sept 27-29.


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