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Bring Vosges With You To Catching Fire


The Geek Forge: DIY Geeky Fun For All

It took the power of Google glasses to bring us together with The Geek Forge at Dragon Con. Thanks to those glasses we now see the awesomeness that is The Geek Forge (and how awesome those glass are too but that's another story). Imagine DIY Geeky Fun and that exactly what they pledge to bring. Even better, they truly allow you to follow along by providing easy to follow instructions. 

What kind of projects are we talking about? How about an amazing seven layer Captain America cake?

 Or making a superhero purse

There is even a Weeping Angel you can make.

No lie there is even a cosplay section, featuring everything you will need to know to master their featured characters such as Deathstroke, Huntress, Captain America and others.
While your not crafting, The Geek Forge highlights geeky events in the south. Oh and if between us, your just super busy or not into crafting yourself, hey that's cool because you can pick up some pretty fresh items at The Geek Forge'sEtsy site too. …