Bring Vosges With You To Catching Fire

Here at Con Sweet Con we are fans of EVERYTHING! Two big things on our list happen to be chocolate and movies. So when we caught wind of Vosges Hunger Games Collection, well it’s pretty much a match made in heaven. Vosges creates chocolate masterpieces, these aren’t your typical candy store treats.

The Hunger Games collection is found in Vosges stores and online at their site. They sell separate themed bars for $7.50 each and have three character themed flavors available: President Snow, Effie & Katniss. 

The President Snow bar features blood orange & tellicherry peppercorns caramel + 72% cacao dark chocolate. 

Hunger Games Catching Fire Vosges Chocolate Truffles
Succumb to this caramel-filled dark chocolate bar, inspired by the Capitol's most notorious villain – President Snow. The tart and bitter puree of blood orange is infused into a rich, lavish caramel, bursting forth from each bite of dark chocolate casing. Freshly milled tellicherry peppercorn texturize the molten caramel, creating a surge of black spice upon your tongue...a bittersweet luxury. Image and Caption from Vosges

The Effie bar features dried strawberries + candied violet flowers + 62% cacao dark chocolate. 

Hunger Games Catching Fire Vosges Chocolate Truffles
Inspired by Effie's flamboyant personality and vibrant, iconic style, the Effie bar combines sharp hints of tart, dried strawberries and the sugary crunch of candied violet flower with bittersweet dark chocolate. Indulge in haut-chocolat's contribution to the glittering Capitol. Image and Caption from Vosges

The Katniss bar features apples that pierce uncured hickory smoked bacon + alderwood smoked sea salt + 44% cacao milk chocolate.  

Hunger Games Catching Fire Vosges Chocolate
Celebrate Katniss, heroine of The Hunger Games, by experiencing her act of rebellion against the Capitol through chocolate. The savory taste of uncured, hickory wood smoked bacon provides a mouth-watering backdrop to this deep milk chocolate bar, enhanced by alderwood smoked sea salt and softened by the tart hint of apples. Image and Caption from Vosges

None of these really calling your name, well Vosges is Haut Chocolate so they know your diva self needs choices and that's not a bad thing. How about truffles? Is that more "you"? I can testify to the amazingness that is their Exotic Truffle line. Curry and chocolate changed me as a person. Not to mention the Wasabi truffle... earth to me. Back to the Hunger Games Truffle Collection.

Hunger Games Catching Fire Vosges Chocolate Truffles
Image from Vosges
3 - Evergreen: rosemary , pink peppercorn & white chocolate
2 - Litchi: jasmine, lychee, dark chocolate & jasmine tea powder
2 - Juglans: candied walnut & milk chocolate
2 - Tulsi: huckleberry gelée & holy basil milk chocolate ganache & dark chocolate
3 - Vervain: lemon verbena & bitter orange & dark chocolate
2 - Flora: peach & orange flower & white chocolate & crushed candied violets
2 - Tamarindus: chillies & tamarind & dark chocolate & salted mango powder

What I love about this collection is the ability to split this set pretty much down the middle with a friend. Each truffle is offered twice in the collection so there will be no real life Hunger Games fighting over a flavor. Plus with flavors like Evergreen (Rosemary, Pink Peppercorn & White Chocolate) it's safer to make sure everyone is covered. So even though the Hunger Games Truffle Collection's $45 price tag may shock you at first, let's split that because I promise these are so luxurious 8 will be plenty. 

Now let's really indulge... like Capitol style pinkies up! Never in my life have I ever seen something so indulgent. Only the likes of Vosges could think of such an event. Yes, an event. The Hunger Games Capitol Truffle Collection contains a menu of etiquette. You heard me. Along with 36 truffles, accoutrements, and recipes to serve an extravagant 18 course chocolate tasting. It includes ingredients such as matcha tea, gold leaf, and pearl dust to create Hunger Games drinks. I think the only word for this is "Amazing". The Hunger Games Capitol Truffle Collection Experience is $225. The Hunger Games Chocolate site includes a walk through of all 18 courses here.

Hunger Games Vosges Chocolate Truffles
Hunger Games Vosges Chocolate Truffles
A ritual of degustation, this truffle collection is curated to guide your palate through opulence and ritual. The 18 different truffles in sets of two are an exploration of shape, texture, color and flavor. Rosemary with a touch of pink peppercorn is encased in pure, white chocolate. Coconut and banana are combined with dark chocolate and rolled in coconut charcoal ash. Candied walnuts and milk chocolate are thick and chunky, rolled in cocoa powder– to name a few... Images and Caption from Vosges

Also check out the bars made by their sister brand, Wild Ophelia. With quite a smaller price tag, costing $4.99 each. The bars in this line are inspired by the 12 Districts. Each with their own unique flavor and they also feature a set of all 12 which will run you $65 comes in an pretty Catching Fire box and is plenty to share.

DISTRICT 12 - Mining:
mined salt + 41% cacao milk chocolate

DISTRICT 11 - Agriculture:
harvest cherry + 70% cacao dark chocolate 

DISTRICT 10 - Livestock:
beef jerky + smoked mesquite + 41% cacao milk chocolate 

DISTRICT 9 - Grain:
milled oats + vanilla hemp seeds + 70% cacao dark chocolate 

DISTRICT 8 - Textiles:
caramelized crispy rice +70% cacao dark chocolate 

DISTRICT 7 - Lumber:
smoked chipotle chili + 41% cacao milk chocolate 

DISTRICT 6 - Transportation:
crunchy runner peanuts in peanut butter + 41% cacao milk chocolate

DISTRICT 5 - Power:
crispy crunchy caramel corn +70% cacao dark chocolate 

DISTRICT 4 - Fishing:
sea salt + coconut + 70% cacao dark chocolate 

DISTRICT 3 - Technology:
arabica coffee + crystal salt + 70% cacao dark chocolate

DISTRICT 2 - Masonry:
caramel + pecan + 41% cacao milk chocolate 

DISTRICT 1 - Luxury:
rare harvest cashews + 41% cacao milk chocolate

So if you want to take your taste buds to the Capitol for The Hunger Games Catching Fire make sure you prepare by grabbing Vosges or Wild Ophelia's offerings before hitting the theater. Otherwise, who knows which district (if any) your overpriced popcorn or pretzels will taste like its from?

Check out Vosges Site or find a store near you. Check out the site dedicated to the union of Hunger Games and Vosges here.

Also if you happen to be in the Las Vegas area, make sure to stop by the Vosges store in Caesars Forum. They are super friendly and will show you around the entire Hunger Games Collection and more!

BONUS we found a link to a contest. Haven't read the fine print yet, but your more than welcome to check it out!


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