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Third Half Studios: Uniqueness is in store!

Check out Third Half Studios for some amazing gifts that no one will ever have seen before, unless they con like we con! What are these gifts I speak of? Glad you asked because I'd love to explain. How about Doctor Who themed plates from their Whoville line? Or plates with cute animal scenes that are slightly demented with pattern names called "Zombie Park" and "Crypto Zoo". Even a St. Arwars (Star Wars) Line that we are sure you can appreciate. Check them out below:

With a pattern named "Glitter Fixes Everything", now you even have a gift for me, Rupaul and any other person you know who is a drag queen at heart. 
You can't afford to miss out out on the amazing gifts for yourselves or others that only have to offer. Follow them on Facebook & Twitter @ThirdHalfStudio  Shout out to DragonCon since that is where we met up with Third Half Studios.