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SDCC 2012 Highlights: IMAX Remix

IMAX not only features the best movies in eye popping large format, they actually throw a fresh party too. At 2012 SDCC, IMAX featured an offsite event named IMAX Remix. Those who RSVP’d were not disappointed. We were pleased that transportation to the event was being provided. Then to our surprise, it wasn’t just transportation, it was a double decker bus. Obviously sitting up top and indulging in Red Bulls that were provided was a must!

Upon arrival to the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center, our excitement was still building. A blue carpet with IMAX backdrop was set up out front and featured a photographer to take guests pictures.  Inside plenty of hot food and beverages awaited our arrival at several stations around the lobby area. We indulged in a photo with props as we awaited the main event.
Finally we were ushered into the theater where we witnessed Glenn Morrison spin live to a sequence of IMAX footage tailored together into an intriguingly beautiful journey. Afterwards, Skyfall e…