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Warm Bodies

I have a new favorite genre – Zombie Rom-Com! This is from someone who hasn’t been an active participant in the growing zombie cult. While the parallels against our modern world are intellectually stimulating, I don’t usually find the plots engaging. Enter Warm Bodies.

What a creative twist on several well-proven themes! Teen love – it’s awkward and messy and full of self-doubt. Duality of the human spirit – no one is fully light or dark. 
Warm Bodies engages the audience in a truly laugh out loud, funny and hopeful storyline, pitting the power of human connections against isolation and societal differences. Spattered with moments of hilarity, soft tenderness and enough action to keep my husband from leaving in protest – this movie was, “unexpectedly enjoyable,” for this old married couple. It’s the perfect date night movie in this month of love for any couple that can handle a little brain banquet.