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Shave Milliseconds To Boost Chances At SDCC 2013 Badges

We are not an IT department by any means. We do try to problem solve though, and that means we find other tech savvy people to help. Our goal here at Consweetcon is to help you get badges to San Diego Comic Con 2013. What does this mean for you? We've compiled some tips we think may help you, even if it's just a few milliseconds to edge out other members. Now here is what we need from you: comments if you know why any of our suggestions will not help or additional tips! If we work together, "insert corny inspirational quote here". First and Foremost: Sign up for a Member ID by February 12th. Tell it to me straight you say, well this is just an access id that will allow you to purchase badges if you are lucky enough to get any in your cart. Also it is free, so if you cannot purchase the badges, you do not lose anything besides a portion of your sanity. What is all this member id and badges nonsense? I am with you. The first year I wanted to attend and I thought, shoot I…