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Special Guest Interview with Rob Dimension

Monster-Mania is coming to Cherry Hill, NJ on March 8th-10th. Hopefully you can make it, because this year will feature special guest, Rob Dimension. If you don't know him, you should, especially if you love the horror genre and/or wrestling. From podcasts and making movies to shielding his sanity from Steve Corino's endless torture, we are pretty sure this leaves him little downtime. Thankfully he made room for us! Q. How did you get involved with Monster-Mania ? A. I used to be a vendor at the convention; actually started on the second one. I loved the convention, the atmosphere and I met Dave, the promoter along the way. He actually came to a wrestling show that I was managing Corino and he contacted me the next day. He asked me to host a few Q&A’s with some of the stars and it just snowballed from there. Dave has given me huge opportunities as a Horror fan; being able to host the Q&A with John Carpenter was one of the highlights in my life. Since then, we’ve actually…