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BioNerd Seeking Extra-Curricular SDCC Activity?

Looking for a life sciences geek seeking 
     a fun, non-SDCC activity while in San Diego's 
     SoCal frame of mind. Do you enjoy rolling waves, 
     sun, sand and surf? Ready for the wildlife? 

No, this is not a personal ad
We spent a morning last year enjoying a kayaking tour of the La Jolla Ecological Reserve's underwater park and coastal caves. It's something not to be missed! Whether you want to walk along the tidal pools, swim in the surf, snorkel the cove or scuba dive into the kelp beds, there's no shortage of interesting life to observe. Kayaking might just be the easiest way to enjoy the views though. No prior experience is necessary - you'll be in a recreational ocean kayak that will not fill with water or sink. If you do fall off the kayak, your life jacket will keep you buoyant. Everyone is required to wear a helmet but that's really more of a reflection of our litigious society than your odds of hitting a rock with your skull.

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Enjoying Your San Diego Trip Without A Four Day Pass

Eat yourself happy!
Our first trip to San Diego was based entirely around a one day pass to San Diego Comic Con. We flew from Philadelphia with no clue about the spectacle we were about to enjoy. At the time, we weren’t the people finding details on Twitter or other sites. We just walked into the madness. In fact, not everyone in our vacation party even had tickets to SDCC. They still got to experience the madness of Gaslamp during the con. Obviously it worked out well because none of us has missed one SDCC since! Do not fret if you did not get a four day pass or even a few day tickets. There is plenty to enjoy in the lovely city of San Diego and the surrounding areas without the SDCC inside or outside events. On most trips I am my group's travel coordinator, lovingly referred to as the Social Director. I also am a foodie at heart. As a result, a lot of my travel recommendations revolve around food. Along the way there have been many hits with a few misses mixed in there too. Since …