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Find A New Hero Series: Mike Hampton

Here at Con Sweet Con, we are pretty nerdy. That sometimes means we hesitate to come out of our shell, which when you are surrounded by thousands of people and are now face to face with talented folks, can mean we miss opportunities to really get in touch with both the art and the people behind the art and those folding tables. Our "Find a New Hero" series aims to break these barriers down and provide our readers insight into the minds and art featured at SDCC.
Personally I knew exactly where I wanted to start, Mike Hampton. I believe we first met four years ago at SDCC. After checking out his Hot Zombie Chicks comics and seeing his ability to draw con-goers on the spot, I knew I needed him to create something special for me. The piece was an American Gothic zombie portrait of my then fiance and myself. It was featured on our wedding programs for our Halloween wedding, and let me say it is my favorite piece of artwork we own.
Mike has been busy since we first me - making music…