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Find A New Hero Series: Alain Viesca

Our next artist featured in the “Find A New Hero” series produces jaw dropping works of art. His booth is a stunning can’t miss feature at San Diego Comic Con. We introduce you to Alain Viesca.Where do you find inspiration for your work?

"Some of my work is commission or contract, I usually have some say in the design and that seems to work best. My own concepts tend to be visuals based on a short story I've put together in my head. It seems like the best pieces are the ones with the most interesting stories behind them."
What is your favorite work you have done?

"My favorite work usually is whatever I'm working on at the time, once I finish a piece I don't typically look back and think about it anymore."
What current work are you most excited about? "Contract wise, I'm currently sculpting a series of military pinup figurines which is pretty cool. On my own, I'm desperately excited to get started on my Green Knight Series."
What is one thing…