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Hard Rock For The First Time? Or Maybe You Just Want To Check Out The Scene...

If you are lucky enough to be staying at the Hard Rock this year, I assure you this is the spot to keep the con going long into the night and hopefully score some face time with major celebrities. We stayed here last year, and most of our sightings happened during the day while coming and going via the elevator. So if you are staying here your golden.

However, if your not staying here, all hope is not lost. Especially if you don't have a four day pass and you want to spend some time hanging out at the Hard Rock. We contacted them to get some details regarding areas that are open to the public and hotel guests during SDCC.

Rock Spa, Maryjane’s and Nobu restaurants will be open to the public. 

Maryjane’s is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and does not take reservations. 

Reservations are highly recommended at Nobu and at Rock Spa.

The Nobu menu is expansive, however it features dishes such as:

Nobu Style Sashimi Tacos with Yellowfin Tuna or Salmon (4 pieces)
Rock Shrimp Tempura with …

Find A New Hero Series: Christian Alzmann

This week we introduce you to Christian Alzmann. Christian's bio page reads like an understated resume of amazing awesomeness. Woah... am I coming off too strong here people?(I'm not though, he really has worked as a Concept Artist for Star Wars Episode 2 and Pirates of the Caribbean, along with many other amazing titles.)
If that doesn't get your nerd boxers in a bunch, then check out his artwork which speaks for itself. He creates characters and scenes that are delicately bold and infinitely mesmerizing. Where do you find inspiration for your work? Mostly films, books and other artists. Books like early folk tales and my favorite art is early American illustration like NC Wyeth and Dean Cornwell.
What current work are you most excited about? I really enjoyed contributing to Battlemilk 3. Its a collection of images and stories from 9 artists, all who have worked for Lucasfilm. It's always fun creating your own story and making images to match, plus the other artists in th…