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What To Expect When Your Expecting To Be At SDCC: Poketo Edition

You say "Poketo", I say "Poketo". Yep, that's the same word... just twice. "What's Poketo?" you ask.

Born out of a belief in “art for your everyday,” Poketo is the result of the super cute union of husband and wife team, Ted Vadakan and Angie Myung. Together they form an eye for design that has had Nike, MTV, Weezer, Arcade Fire, SF MoMA and many more knocking down their door looking for a touch of their signature fun and functional design. We think you will be too, once you see what it is they do. Take a look: Poketo is bringing their limited edition wallets to San Diego Comic Con for the 8th year in a row, since 2005. They are proud to announce they will feature a new Adventure Time Wallet Series this year! Poketo's booth prices range from $5-$30 and will feature more than just their wallets. Check out their site, follow their blog, find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!