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Find A New Hero Series: Ray Friesen

Meet Ray Friesen. He is currently bringing to life the web comic Divine Whiners that features the gods Hermes, Quetzacoati and Thor. Check out it starting with the first episode here. You will also find a super cute magical combination of Pirate Penguins vs Ninja Chickens here. Along with a cast of other family friendly characters and stories that are sure to tickle your funny bone. Oh and let's say that his artwork is nothing to blink at. You'll agree, I promise. I find his images are softly beautiful and so fraking cute I want to jump in there and just stay in a scene for a while. Ahhh... enough about us though, let's talk with the real star: Ray Friesen. 
Where do you find inspiration for your work? Inspiration comes in many forms, so I keep a notebook for whenever I have a good idea. The best ideas are usually while I'm slightly asleep, but when I write those ones down, and look at them at the morning, it usually just says something like 'OWLS!' and I have to…