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Find A New Hero Series: Echo Chernik

The next artist we are featuring here at Con Sweet Con is Echo Chernik. Talented is an understatement when referring to the clear depth of inspiration that shines through each of her pieces of artwork. Echo's Art Nouveau is sure to strike your eye and leave a long lasting impression.While shopping through Echo's store, personally we couldn’t help but imagine these beauties hanging up in our cubicles. Seriously though because leaving them at home for 40 hours a week feels like a crime. The Cthulhu Art Nouveau and Goddesses of Cuisine collections feel as if you can peer past the beautiful woman featured and into the picture a million times while catching a new texture or detail each time.We are very grateful that Echo could find the time to sneak a few questions in before San Diego Comic Con and give us a glimpse into that creative machine of a mind.

Where do you find inspiration for your work? I find my inspiration in my interests. I enjoy pin-ups, cyberpunk, art nouveau, horror,…