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What To Expect When Your Expecting To Be At SDCC: Eva Vanecek Costume Designs Edition

This week we found the accessories that are going to complete your cosplay look, dress up your everyday style, or if you find her on Etsy she can outfit you with an entire costume. Eva Vanecek will be at San Diego Comic Con, and she explains to us what we will find in her booth: A-06.How did you get your start fashioning the cosplay industry?

I have been in business since 1987 upon graduating from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising San Francisco. 

Besides SDCC, do you appear at other conventions?
I have done some of the biggest Arts and Craft Festivals on the West Coast and about 10 years ago started participating in the Cons as a vendor; aside from having stores on Ebay and Etsy. However, I am best known for reproducing movie accurate costumes for the 501st and Rebel Legion (Star Wars costuming groups with bases around the world). At the cons, however, I do not bring the costumes since the space is limited. 

What will we find when we visit your booth at SDCC?

Something for …