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Find A New Heroine Series: Sue Dawe

This week we step into a world of fantasy that is filled with wizards, unicorns, and dragons all created by the gracefully majestic talents of Sue Dawe. If your not familiar with her work, then I suggest paging through her online gallery before San Diego Comic Con. It's a fun adventure that is even narrated by Sue herself through comments on each of her pieces. Plus it will give you a sneak peak into what she will have awaiting you in the Artists' Alley, Table AA-08.
Where do you find inspiration for your work?

Everywhere!  I travel quite a bit, and am always photographing interesting places that are 'off the asphalt'.  I am also inspired by music, books, and things that I like in general.  And of course, I like to paint things that I like, but cannot have, hence my reasons for being a 'fantasy' artist.

What is your favorite work you have done?

It's a tie between a Star Wars inspired piece called "Comes A Dark Time" and a piece I painted just for me c…