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Put On Your Boxing Gloves Psych-Os. We've Got An Episode To Pick!

Because USA's Psych is letting you duke it out online over three storylines. The winner will air next season, and just because USA wants you to have your cake and eat it too, it's one of two ADDITIONAL episodes. That's right! Bonus episodes that are being added to season eight. But that's cool you already know this, right? So let's take a look at the options:
·TELETHON - In a classic "whodunit?” case with a PSYCH twist, Shawn and Gus investigate a murder that Shawn is convinced was committed by the beloved host of Santa Barbara's annual Children's Hospital Telethon. There's only one problem – the host was seen by hundreds of thousands of people on live television during the exact time the murder occurred elsewhere. Can Shawn steal the show, poke a hole in this rock-solid alibi, and prove the host did it? Or will Shawn fail in front of his biggest audience yet?
·DREAM THERAPY - From acclaimed director James Roday ("Mr. Yin Presents…", "…