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AMC's Walking Dead SDCC 2013 Booth

One of the most dangerous places to be at San Diego Comic Con this year was AMC's Walking Dead booth. They brought an impressive set and a few real undead to terrorize fans while posing down for fierce photo ops.The set was a mini prison right in the middle of the convention floor. The set was surrounded by screens featuring key scenes from last season and chain link fences which held their zombies in place. If you looked, up you could see Rick manning the prison tower.   After waiting in a short line (for us it was prob 20 minutes), we were lead to an area right behind the chain link with two zombies and prop weapons. Obviously we got our model on and then were lead to an inside area into a hallway. There was a small wait, but for what? Well we we loved what we saw when we turned around the corner, the Governor's room! Heads and all. The promotional people handed us an eye patch and directed us to sit in his chair. Personally, I chose to stand in front of the "wall of…