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See Yourself In Kloon

We ran a feature on an endlessly talented artist by the name of Felipe Echevarria just a little while back. So when we received word that a new project was in the works and he was a part of it, well it didn't surprise us that it was already entrancingly gorgeous. The project is a children's book named Kloon, which is French for clown. The story is moving and my words cannot do it justice. You should check out the clip here which thoroughly moved me or read below which is an excerpt from their kickstarter:In late 19th century Paris, a mysterious vagabond acquires a young mute boy from a workhouse and tells the child his fortune has finally found him.   Believing he'll be given a family, the boy is actually adopted into a secret society of clowns who use magic and showmanship to steal from the unwitting people of Paris. 

The clowns -- a gang of misfits and "irregulars" -- seek to get the last laugh on a society that has long since betrayed them.   Ironically, they…