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Find A New Hero Series: Andy Brase

Heading to Chicago Wizards World this week? If so, we have one name and table to look for in particular: Andy Brase at table B34. His talent shines clearly on the pages he pens and they deserve every second of your time. In two words, his work is intricately magnificent. Just don't take our word for it. We are very grateful that Andy took time to talk all things con with us and give us a peek into his booth, his creative process and what he is working on now. 

What attendees will find at your booth typically? 

Dark characters, vicious creatures & lots of elaborately drawn shadows to look at ;) I have available various Art Prints and framed prints, comics, T-shirts, etc.

Any exclusive or new items for the convention?  

I many times have a sketchbook/artbook, though they generally go quite fast. My artbooks "Exorcism" and the "Noctiluca" sketchbook both sold out already.

For Wizard Chicago this year, I'm planning a print portfolio that will be available at the…