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Sharing Insidious Chapter 2 SDCC Details

Were still recapping SDCC, and we know it’s trickling out of us slowly. Let’s just say recovery has been slow, and planning for 2014 has already started. Along with Dragon Con, Baltimore Comic Con, NYCC, and a few more were gonna sneak in there along the way.So let’s give you the goods on the Insidious Chapter 2 party right now. We won access to the party thanks to our friends at Zombie Walk San Diego. Excited and not sure what to expect, we met up with the promotional staff at an intersection in Gaslamp at midnight. They placed Insidious Chapter 2 wristbands on us and then led us to the event that was tucked up into an apartment type location. Once inside, we were greeted by man above tending bar wearing a gas mask with an awesome Insidious Chapter 2 light-up sign hanging above him. It was creepy and stylish. Then in the next room there was a DJ on top of a tall podium in front of bodies covered in fabric. Once again, it was the same mixture of creepy and stylish that was seen at the …