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Find A New Hero Series: Michael Banks

Things are getting super crazy over here as we prepare for our first Dragon Con. We found a bunch of amazing events, bands, and artists that are forming a huge can't miss list. Sugar Fueled is one of those can't miss booths which features the artwork of Michael Banks. As you can see below, his style is unmistakable and utterly adorable. For me, it's all about the little details that make my heart sing each time I look at his his pieces. The hardest part is deciding which print to choose. He spoke to us about Sugar Fueled and cons below.

What attendees will find at your booth typically? 

Creepy Cute Big eye art of some of your favorite pop culture characters as well as my own designs of prints, my original oil paintings, canvas giclees, pins, stickers, Illustrated comic book, original children's book and sketch cards.

We have original oil paintings for Dragoncon.

How many years you've attended Dragon Con?

1 year

Any advice for Dragon Con attendees?

Make sure to not miss th…