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What You Missed At Monster-Mania: Lady Arielle

So you missed Monster-Mania Con? Well, all is not lost. Yes, the panels and autographs are over. The amazing costumes have all been packed away. Of course, you can't just walk into the Crown Plaza in Cherry Hill and enjoy any of the madness. However, the place was packed with amazing vendors. Many of whom create art of their own, which you can enjoy all year.
We wanna start by featuring Lady Arielle. She is a fabulously sweet and endlessly energetic woman. We think you should meet her, just to meet her.  She also offers amazing Doctor Who jewelry which made me stop and squeal. From shiny to chunky, there are pieces to please every one's taste. 
Maybe this is a little much for some people. If so, I liked this necklace also. Even though it's meant for men, I could definitely rock this piece myself and I think other woman could too.
Maybe necklaces aren't your thing. That's cool because Lady Arielle has bracelets and earrings too. My attempt to take pics of the Tardis ea…